Words Starting with Mag: A Curated List for Writers and Enthusiasts

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “mag” to expand your vocabulary and language skills.

  1. Magic- the power to influence events by using mysterious forces.
  2. Magnify- to make something appear larger.
  3. Magnet- an object that attracts iron and certain other materials.
  4. Magnanimous- very generous or forgiving.
  5. Magnitude- the great size or extent of something.
  6. Magnificent- impressively beautiful or elaborate.
  7. Magnum- a large wine bottle.
  8. Magnesium- a chemical element, symbol Mg.
  9. Magician- a person skilled in magic.
  10. Magazine- a periodical publication.
  11. Magistrate- a civil officer who administers the law.
  12. Magnetize- to make magnetic.
  13. Magna Carta- a historical document guaranteeing rights.
  14. Magma- molten rock beneath the Earth’s surface.
  15. Magniloquent- using high-flown or bombastic language.
  16. Magenta- a reddish-purple color.
  17. Magnitude- a measure of the brightness of a star.
  18. Magnanimity- the virtue of being great of mind and heart.
  19. Magnetism- the phenomenon of natural attraction.
  20. Magniloquence- lofty and extravagant style in speech.
  21. Magnificat- a canticle in Christian liturgy.
  22. Magniloquist- a person who uses grandiose language.
  23. Magnetic- possessing an extraordinary power to attract.
  24. Mage- a magician or learned person.
  25. Magistracy- the office or authority of a magistrate.
  26. Magnanimousness- the quality of being magnanimous.
  27. Magnificat- a hymn of praise.
  28. Magnum opus- a great work, especially the chief work of an author or artist.
  29. Magniloquence- grand or extravagant speaking.
  30. Magi- wise men from the East, often referring to the Biblical figures.
  31. Magnetic field- the area around a magnet within which magnetic force is exerted.
  32. Magnific- grand and imposing beauty.
  33. Magpie- a bird known for its black and white plumage.
  34. Magnanimous adj.- showing noble generosity.
  35. Magnifier- a lens that magnifies objects.
  36. Magdalena- a food pastry.
  37. Magnifico- a person of high rank or position.
  38. Magnetometer- an instrument used to measure magnetic forces.
  39. Magnetosphere- the region surrounding the earth or another astronomical body in which its magnetic field is the predominant effective magnetic field.
  40. Magma chamber- a large pool of liquid rock beneath the surface of the Earth.
  41. Magnetoresistance- the resistance of a material to the flow of electric current, influenced by the material’s exposure to a magnetic field.
  42. Magnocellular- pertaining to large cells.
  43. Magnesite- a mineral consisting of magnesium carbonate.
  44. Magnanimously- in a way that shows a generous lack of vindictiveness.
  45. Maglev- magnetic levitation.
  46. Magnanimity- nobility of spirit.
  47. Magnetite- a black, magnetic mineral.
  48. Magniloquence- the use of grandiose language.
  49. Magnifico- a person of high status.
  50. Magnetography- recording of magnetic information.
  51. Magnesium oxide- a white powder used in various applications.
  52. Magnetoelectric- relating to the interaction between magnetic and electric properties.
  53. Magnanimously- nobly and generously.
  54. Magnetogram- an image representing areas of magnetic field strength and direction.
  55. Magnetotail- the portion of a planet’s magnetosphere drawn away by solar wind.
  56. Magniloquently- in a magniloquent manner.
  57. Magnetic resonance- a phenomenon related to magnetic fields and energy absorption.
  58. Magnesium silicate- a compound found in talc.
  59. Magnesian- containing or relating to magnesium.
  60. Magnate- a wealthy or influential person.
  61. Magnetoencephalography- a technique for mapping brain activity.
  62. Magnetomechanical- relating to the interaction between magnetic and mechanical phenomena.
  63. Magnetochemistry- the study of the magnetic properties of chemical compounds.
  64. Magnetograph- an instrument for recording measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field.
  65. Magnetohydrodynamics- the study of the magnetic properties and behavior of electrically conducting fluids.
  66. Magnification- the process of enlarging the appearance of something.
  67. Magnetoelectric effect- the interaction between magnetism and electricity.
  68. Magnanimousness- the state of being magnanimous.
  69. Magisterial- authoritative.
  70. Magmata- plural of magma.
  71. Magna Cum Laude- with great honor, a distinction in academic degrees.
  72. Magnesian- of or pertaining to magnesium.
  73. Magnetos- a type of engine starter.
  74. Magnascope- a device for magnifying images.
  75. Magneton- a unit of magnetism.
  76. Magnetometer- device measuring magnetic fields.
  77. Magnolia- a genus of flowering plants.
  78. Magnification- the act of magnifying.
  79. Magnanimity- loftiness of spirit.
  80. Magnetic tape- recording tape used for storing data.
  81. Magneto- optical – relating to the interaction of magnetic fields and light.
  82. Magnetic compass- a navigational instrument.
  83. Magnetomotive- generating magnetic force.
  84. Magnes- old term for magnet.
  85. Magnetosphere- magnetic field space around Earth.
  86. Magma crystallization- cooling magma becoming solid.
  87. Magister- master or teacher.
  88. Magnopyroxene- a group of minerals.
  89. Magnetobiology- study of magnetic effects on organisms.
  90. Magnoliophyta- a class of flowering plants.
  91. Magnanery- silkworm breeding facility.
  92. Magno- prefix meaning large or great.
  93. Magnetes- ancient Greek tribe.
  94. Magnificat- song of Mary in Christianity.
  95. Magnetorheological- fluid changing viscosity under magnetic field.
  96. Magnanimousness- grandeur in forgiveness.
  97. Magnetocaloric- temperature change under magnetic field.
  98. Magnetorquers- satellite attitude control devices.
  99. Magnitude estimation- psychological assessment technique.
  100. Magnetostrictive- changing shape under magnetic field.

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