Words Starting with N: List and Examples

Discover a comprehensive list of words starting with the letter “N” to expand your vocabulary.

  1. Nap: A short sleep.
  2. Navvy: A laborer.
  3. Nadir: Lowest point.
  4. Naive: Lacking sophistication.
  5. Nibble: To eat in small bites.
  6. Nuisance: An annoyance.
  7. Notable: Worthy of notice.
  8. Nebula: A cloud of gas in space.
  9. Numb: Lacking sensation.
  10. Nectar: Sweet liquid from flowers.
  11. Nifty: Clever or skillful.
  12. Nurture: To care for.
  13. Nausea: Feeling of sickness.
  14. Neutral: Not taking sides.
  15. Negate: To make ineffective.
  16. Nomad: Wandering individual.
  17. Nugget: A small lump.
  18. Niche: A suitable position.
  19. Nocturnal: Active at night.
  20. Nuance: A subtle difference.
  21. Narrative: A story.
  22. Notify: To inform.
  23. Nebulous: Vague or cloudy.
  24. Nachos: Tortilla chips with toppings.
  25. Negative: Unfavorable.
  26. Noble: Having high moral qualities.
  27. Novel: A long fictional story.
  28. Nifty: Particularly good.
  29. Nimble: Quick and light in movement.
  30. Nurture: Encourage growth or development.
  31. Net: An open-meshed fabric.
  32. Neon: A bright-colored gas.
  33. Noun: A person, place, or thing.
  34. Nightmare: A bad dream.
  35. Notion: A belief or idea.
  36. Nugatory: Of no value.
  37. Nominate: To propose a candidate.
  38. Nordic: Relating to Northern Europe.
  39. Nostalgia: Sentimental longing.
  40. Nexus: A connection.
  41. Norm: A standard or pattern.
  42. Nodule: A small lump.
  43. Notebook: A book for writing.
  44. Neonatal: Relating to newborns.
  45. Nourish: Provide with food.
  46. Novice: A beginner.
  47. Nobody: No person.
  48. Nociceptive: Relating to pain perception.
  49. Napkin: Cloth or paper for wiping.
  50. Nonpareil: Without equal.
  51. Nemesis: An unbeatable rival.
  52. Nugget: Piece of valuable material.
  53. Needy: In need of help.
  54. Nation: A large group of people.
  55. Neigh: Horse’s sound.
  56. Navigate: Plan or direct a route.
  57. Nutritious: Providing nourishment.
  58. Numerous: Many in number.
  59. Nonchalant: Coolly unconcerned.
  60. Nincompoop: Foolish person.
  61. Neuter: Neither gender.
  62. Nucleus: Center part.
  63. Nupital: Relating to marriage.
  64. Narrate: Tell a story.
  65. Nobleman: A man of noble rank.
  66. Nouveau: Modern or new.
  67. Nickel: A metallic element.
  68. Narcotic: Drug affecting mood.
  69. Nationhood: Independence and unity.
  70. Neutralize: To counteract.
  71. Nourishment: Food needed for growth.
  72. Nutcracker: Tool for cracking nuts.
  73. Nurturing: Caring for growth.
  74. Nifty: Particularly good.
  75. Nightingale: A songbird.
  76. Nirvana: A state of perfect happiness.
  77. Networth: Total assets minus liabilities.
  78. Nascient: Coming into existence.
  79. Nullify: To make void.
  80. Nautical: Relating to sailors or navigation.
  81. Nomadic: Moving around frequently.
  82. Noteworthy: Worth attention.
  83. Nurturer: One who nourishes.
  84. Narwhal: A type of whale.
  85. Nicety: Small detail of etiquette.
  86. Nougat: A chewy candy.
  87. Nonprofit: Not making a profit.
  88. Nominal: In name only.
  89. Nautilus: A marine mollusk.
  90. Network: Interconnected system.
  91. Noisome: Offensive smell.
  92. Neolithic: Relating to the Stone Age.
  93. Necessity: Something essential.
  94. Nugatory: Worthless.
  95. Nomenclature: System of naming.
  96. Narrative: Account of events.
  97. Nutmeg: A spice.
  98. Notation: System of symbols.
  99. Nebulize: Turn into mist.
  100. Nicotine: An addictive chemical.

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