Words Starting with Ot: Comprehensive List and Examples

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “ot.

  1. Otalgia- Ear pain.
  2. Otitis- Inflammation of the ear.
  3. Otic- Relating to the ear.
  4. Otology- Study of the ear and its diseases.
  5. Otoscope- Instrument for examining the ear.
  6. Otolith- Calcium carbonate structure in the ear.
  7. Otorrhea- Discharge from the ear.
  8. Otosclerosis- Abnormal bone growth in the middle ear.
  9. Otosteal- Relating to the bones of the ear.
  10. Otosponge- Sponge used in ear surgery.
  11. Otalgia- Earache.
  12. Otogenic- Originating in the ear.
  13. Otophony- Sound perception through the ear.
  14. Otorhinitis- Inflammation of the ear and nose.
  15. Otopathy- Disease of the ear.
  16. Otoneurology- Study of ear and neurological disorders.
  17. Otonecrosis- Death of ear tissue.
  18. Otolithic- Relating to ear stones.
  19. Otopteron- Outer flange of the ear.

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