Words Starting with Shy: Examples and Tips

Looking for words starting with “shy”? This article provides a comprehensive list, helping you expand your vocabulary quickly and easily.

  1. Shy- Bashful or timid.
  2. Shying- Acting timidly or recoiling.
  3. Shyly- In a timid or bashful manner.
  4. Shyness- Quality of being timid or bashful.
  5. Shyster- A person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous or unethical methods.
  6. Shylock- A person who lends money at extremely high-interest rates.
  7. Shystering- Engaging in unscrupulous or unethical practices, typically in profession or business.
  8. Shystered- Having been treated unscrupulously or deceptively.
  9. Shyish- Somewhat shy or timid.

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