Words Starting With Sto: Examples, Meanings, and Usage

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “sto.

  1. Stomach- The internal organ in which the major part of the digestion of food occurs.
  2. Stone- A hard, solid nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made.
  3. Stole- A woman’s long scarf or shawl, especially fur or similar material.
  4. Stock- Supply of goods kept for sale or distribution.
  5. Stoop- To bend one’s head or body forward and downward.
  6. Store- A place where items are kept for future use or sale.
  7. Storm- A disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.
  8. Stoked- Extremely excited or enthusiastic.
  9. Stool- A simple seat without a back or arms.
  10. Stop- To cease movement or operation.
  11. Stomp- To tread heavily and noisily.
  12. Stocky- Broad and sturdily built.
  13. Stoney- Covered with or resembling small rocks.
  14. Stolid- Calm, dependable, and showing little emotion.
  15. Stonehenge- A prehistoric monument in England.
  16. Stodgy- Dull, uninspired, and boring.
  17. Stockpile- A large accumulated stock of goods or materials.
  18. Stockton- A city in central California.
  19. Stoked- Feeling excited or elated.
  20. Stockbroker- A person who buys and sells securities on a stock exchange on behalf of clients.
  21. Stories- Accounts of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.
  22. Stonemason- A person who builds with stone.
  23. Stopgap- A temporary way of dealing with a problem or satisfying a need.
  24. Stopwatch- A timepiece designed to measure the amount of time elapsed.
  25. Stoic- Enduring pain and hardship without showing feelings or complaining.
  26. Stockade- A barrier formed from upright wooden posts or stakes.
  27. Stopover- A break in a journey.
  28. Stopping- Ceasing to move or operate.
  29. Stocking- A close-fitting knitted covering for the foot and leg.
  30. Stockroom- A room where goods are kept before they are sold.
  31. Stooge- A person who serves merely to support or assist others.
  32. Stoniness- The quality of being stony or resembling stone.
  33. Stocktaking- The process of counting the goods in stock.
  34. Stoker- A person who tends the furnace on a locomotive, ship, or boiler.
  35. Stoically- In an impassive manner.
  36. Stockinged- Wearing stockings.
  37. Stopper- A plug for sealing a hole, especially in a bottle.
  38. Stoned- Under the influence of drugs.
  39. Stolidly- Showing little or no emotion.
  40. Stomachache- Pain in the stomach or abdomen.
  41. Stockinette- A soft, elastic, loosely knitted fabric.
  42. Stockholder- An owner of shares in a company.
  43. Stoolie- A person who informs on others to the police.
  44. Stooped- Bent forward.
  45. Stonewall- To delay or block by refusing to answer questions.
  46. Stopwatch- A watch with a hand or hands that can be stopped or started at any instant.
  47. Storied- Celebrated in or associated with stories or legends.
  48. Stoking- Adding fuel to a fire or furnace.
  49. Storehouse- A place where goods are stored.
  50. Stolidness- Lack of emotion or enthusiasm.
  51. Stovepipe- A pipe used to carry smoke or gases from a stove.
  52. Stout- Strong and thick or heavily built.
  53. Stockade- A fenced or walled area for defense.
  54. Stonecutter- A person who cuts or carves stone.
  55. Stockroom- A room for storing goods.
  56. Stovetop- The top surface of a stove.
  57. Stockyard- A yard with pens where livestock is kept.
  58. Stoolpigeon- An informer to the police.
  59. Stoplight- A traffic light.
  60. Stockcar- A car used in stock-car racing.
  61. Storytelling- The activity of telling or writing stories.
  62. Stockfish- Cod or similar fish dried without salt.
  63. Stoneware- Pottery made from a particular clay that is fired at a high temperature.
  64. Stoppered- Closed with a stopper.
  65. Stockpot- A large pot often used to make stock or soup.
  66. Stonily- In a manner resembling stone.
  67. Stockroom- A room for storing goods.
  68. Stomper- Something that stomps or crushes.
  69. Stockier- More solidly built or compact.
  70. Stovetop- The top surface of a stove.
  71. Stockist- A person or business that stocks goods.
  72. Stook- A small stack of grain sheaves placed upright in a field.
  73. Stockless- Without stock or supplies.
  74. Stonelike- Resembling stone.
  75. Stockwhip- A whip used for driving cattle or livestock.
  76. Stoppage- An instance of stopping.
  77. Stonefruit- Fruits with a large “stone” inside, like peaches or cherries.
  78. Stockingfoot- Without shoes; in one’s socks.
  79. Stomachal- Relating to the stomach.
  80. Stoved- Stored or packed away.
  81. Stomatitis- Inflammation of the mouth.
  82. Stoichiometry- The calculation of reactants and products in chemical reactions.
  83. Stochastic- Randomly determined; subject to chance.
  84. Stockinet- A stretchable cotton fabric.
  85. Stogey- A type of inexpensive cigar.
  86. Stowage- The act of storing or the space for storing goods.
  87. Stovewood- Wood split into lengths suitable for burning in a stove.
  88. Stower- A person or thing that stows or packs away.
  89. Stockade- A defensive barrier made of strong posts.
  90. Stonecrop- A type of succulent plant.
  91. Stockroom- A room where goods are stored.
  92. Stoking- Feeding a fire or furnace with fuel.
  93. Stoopball- A game played by bouncing a ball off a building’s steps.
  94. Stomatous- Having a mouth or openings like a mouth.
  95. Stovepipes- Pipes through which stove smoke escapes.
  96. Stockcar- A car modified for racing.
  97. Stochasticity- The quality of being randomly determined.
  98. Stonemill- A mill for grinding stones into powder.
  99. Stocktaking- Counting inventory in a store or warehouse.

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