Words Starting With Wi: List and Meanings

In this article, you’ll find an extensive list of words that all start with “wi”.

  1. Widow: A woman whose spouse has passed away.
  2. Widget: A small gadget or mechanical device.
  3. Wildlife: Animals living in their natural environment.
  4. Wile: Cunning or deceitful behavior.
  5. Wild: Living in a natural state, not domesticated.
  6. Wilt: To become limp through heat or drought.
  7. Wimp: A weak and cowardly person.
  8. Wind: Air moving naturally, especially outside.
  9. Windfall: An unexpected gain or piece of good fortune.
  10. Windy: Marked by strong wind.
  11. Wing: A part of a bird’s body used for flying.
  12. Wink: Brief closing and opening of an eye.
  13. Winner: One who wins a contest or competition.
  14. Winter: The coldest season of the year.
  15. Wire: A piece of metal drawn out into a thin flexible thread.
  16. Wispy: Thin and weak or fine.
  17. Wisp: A small thin or twisted bunch, piece, or amount.
  18. Wisdom: The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.
  19. Wise: Having knowledge in a sensible manner.
  20. Wish: To desire or hope for something.
  21. Wistful: Having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing.
  22. Wit: Mental sharpness and inventiveness.
  23. Witch: A woman thought to have magical powers.
  24. With: Accompanied by another person or thing.
  25. Withdraw: Remove or take away something.
  26. Wither: To become dry and shriveled.
  27. Within: Inside something.
  28. Without: In the absence of.
  29. Withstand: Remain undamaged or unaffected.
  30. Witness: A person who sees an event.
  31. Witty: Showing or characterized by quick verbal humor.
  32. Witchcraft: The practice of magical skills.
  33. Withhold: Refuse to give.
  34. Withholdings: Amounts of money deducted from a paycheck.
  35. Withe: A tough, flexible branch of an osier or other willow, used for tying, binding, or wickerwork.
  36. Withy: Made of pliable twigs for binding.
  37. Wiper: A device for removing moisture from a surface (like windshield wipers).
  38. Wisp: A small tuft or bunch, especially of hair.
  39. Wittingly: With knowledge or awareness of what one is doing.
  40. Wiretap: A device for listening to conversations covertly.
  41. Wiring: The system of wires in a building.
  42. Wireless: Using radio waves instead of wires.
  43. Wirl: Dialect form of whirl.
  44. Wisdom: The quality of being wise.
  45. Wiseacre: One who pretends to be knowledgeable.
  46. Wiselook: Appearing wise.
  47. Wiseling: A person given to pretentious knowledge.
  48. Wisenness: The state of being wise.
  49. Wisewoman: A woman considered to be knowledgeable.
  50. Wiseworth: Worthy because of wisdom.
  51. Wispish: Like a wisp, delicate.
  52. Wist: Old form of wit.
  53. Wisteria: A climbing vine with purple flowers.
  54. Wispy: Light and thin.
  55. Witan: Members of the Anglo-Saxon national council.
  56. Witchery: Sorcery or magic.
  57. Witchhunt: A campaign to identify and punish people with unpopular views.
  58. Witcraft: The craft of writing cleverly or humorously.
  59. Withal: In addition; besides.
  60. Withdrew: Past tense of withdraw.
  61. Withered: Shrunken and wrinkled.
  62. Withes: Plural of withe.
  63. Withhold: Refuse to give something.
  64. Withstood: Past tense of withstand.
  65. Witticism: A witty remark.
  66. Wittiest: Superlative of witty.
  67. Witting: With the knowledge of.
  68. Wive: To marry a woman.
  69. Wivern: A dragon or mythical creature.
  70. Wizards: Plural of wizard, a person with magical powers.
  71. Wizen: To become shrunken or wrinkled.
  72. Wizzly: Wispy and thin.
  73. Wizzy: Bright and showy.
  74. Wicca: A modern pagan religious movement.
  75. Wick: The string part of a candle that burns.
  76. Wicked: Evil or mischievous.
  77. Wicket: A small door or gate, or the stumps used in cricket.
  78. Wide: Having great extent.
  79. Widen: To make something wider.
  80. Width: The measurement of how wide something is.
  81. Wife: A married woman.
  82. Wifey: Informal term for a wife.
  83. Wight: A person or creature.
  84. Wig: Artificial covering for the head.
  85. Wiggle: Move up and down or from side to side.
  86. Wiggly: Moving with twisting or curving motions.
  87. Wildlife: Animals that live naturally in an area.
  88. Wiles: Strategies or tricks intended to deceive.
  89. Wilt: To lose strength or vigor.
  90. Windmill: A structure with sails that turn in the wind.
  91. Window: An opening in a wall for light and air.
  92. Wingman: A supportive friend or partner.
  93. Wino: Slang for a person addicted to alcohol.
  94. Windstorm: A storm with high winds.
  95. Wiring: The network of wires in a device or building.
  96. Winterize: Prepare for winter conditions.
  97. Wintry: Characteristic of winter, cold.
  98. Wireless: Technology using radio waves instead of wires.
  99. Wistfully: With longing or regret.
  100. Wistfulness: A state of deep longing or melancholy.

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