Words That Begin with K: Explore Common and Unique Choices

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that begin with the letter “K.

  1. Kangaroo- A marsupial from Australia.
  2. Kale- A type of leafy green vegetable.
  3. Karma- The concept of cause and effect in one’s actions.
  4. Kayak- A type of small, narrow boat.
  5. Kernel- The edible part of a seed or grain.
  6. Kettle- A container used for boiling liquids.
  7. Kilt- A traditional Scottish skirt.
  8. Kiosk- A small stand or booth.
  9. Kitten- A young cat.
  10. Kiwi- A small flightless bird or a type of fruit.
  11. Knight- A historical warrior of noble birth.
  12. Knob- A rounded handle or control.
  13. Knot- A fastening made by intertwining rope or string.
  14. Knowledge- Information, understanding, or skill.
  15. Knuckle- A joint in a finger.
  16. Knapsack- A bag carried on the back.
  17. Kudos- Praise or honor received for an achievement.
  18. Kipper- A smoked fish.
  19. Karaoke- Singing along to recorded music.
  20. Karate- A martial art from Japan.
  21. Karaoke- A form of interactive entertainment.
  22. Kermit- A male given name.
  23. Kiln- A furnace or oven for burning, baking, or drying.
  24. Knead- To work dough or clay into a shape using hands.
  25. Kit- A set of tools or materials for a specific purpose.
  26. King- A male ruler of a nation.
  27. Keg- A small barrel, often used for storing beer.
  28. Kneel- To position oneself on one’s knees.
  29. Kennel- A shelter for dogs.
  30. Kang- An Asian heated bed platform.
  31. Kashmir- A region in South Asia.
  32. Karaoke- Singing of popular songs with recorded music.
  33. Keel- The central structure of a ship.
  34. Keepsake- An object kept in memory of someone or something.
  35. Kolache- A type of pastry.
  36. Khmer- The official language of Cambodia.
  37. Kaleidoscope- An optical toy showing symmetrical patterns.
  38. Kaftan- A long, loose garment.
  39. Kookaburra- An Australian bird.
  40. Kibosh- To put a stop to.
  41. Ken- Knowledge or sight.
  42. Kernel- The central or most important part.
  43. Kiddie- Childlike or suitable for children.
  44. Kilowatt- A measure of electrical power.
  45. Know- how – Practical knowledge or expertise.
  46. Kawasaki- A Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles.
  47. Kidnap- To abduct or carry off by force.
  48. Kestrel- A type of bird of prey.
  49. Kinesiology- The study of body movement.
  50. Kith- Friends or acquaintances.
  51. Karaoke- Singing with recorded music.
  52. Kudos- Acclaim or praise.
  53. Kosher- Food prepared according to Jewish law.
  54. Kazoo- A musical instrument producing a buzzing sound.
  55. Kiosk- A small open-fronted hut or cubicle.
  56. Knave- A dishonest or unscrupulous man.
  57. Knell- The sound of a bell, especially when rung solemnly.
  58. Knoll- A small hill or mound.
  59. Kale- A type of cabbage with green or purple leaves.
  60. Kettle- A container for boiling water.
  61. Karate- A form of martial arts involving striking techniques.
  62. Kiosk- A small structure used as a newsstand or booth.
  63. Kernel- The innermost part of a seed or grain.
  64. Kiss- A touch with the lips as a sign of love.
  65. Knight- A man awarded a non-hereditary title for personal merit.
  66. Knob- A rounded control on a device.
  67. Knot- An intertwining of cord or string.
  68. Knack- A particular talent or skill.
  69. Kitten- A young domesticated cat.
  70. Kent- A county in Southeast England.
  71. Knead- To press, fold, and stretch dough.
  72. Knowledge- Awareness or familiarity gained by experience.
  73. Knuckle- A joint of a finger.
  74. Kite- A toy flown in the wind at the end of a string.
  75. Kibbutz- A communal settlement in Israel.
  76. Kidney- An organ that filters blood.
  77. Kudzu- A fast-growing vine from Asia.
  78. Knickers- Women’s or girls’ underpants.
  79. Kindle- To start a fire; to ignite interest.
  80. Kitchen- A room where food is prepared and cooked.
  81. Knighthood- The rank or status of a knight.
  82. Kimono- A traditional Japanese garment.
  83. Kazakh- A person from Kazakhstan.
  84. Kermis- A fair or carnival in the Low Countries.
  85. Keep- To hold or retain possession of.
  86. Kinetic- Relating to or resulting from motion.
  87. Karma- Destiny or fate following as effect from cause.
  88. Knapsack- A bag carried on the back.
  89. Kismet- Fate or destiny.
  90. Known- Recognized, familiar.
  91. Kibitz- To offer unwanted advice.
  92. Kinetics- The branch of chemistry or physics concerned with the rates of reactions.
  93. Knighthood- The rank or dignity of a knight.
  94. Knowledgeable- Intelligent and well informed.
  95. Killjoy- A person who spoils the joy of others
  96. Keg- A small cask or barrel
  97. Kickoff- The start of something, especially a sports game
  98. Known- Recognized, familiar, or within the scope of knowledge
  99. Knee- The joint between the thigh and lower leg
  100. Kid- A young goat or a colloquial term for child

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