Words That Start With AA: List and Meanings for Scrabble Enthusiasts

Discover a variety of words that start with “aa” and learn their meanings and uses in this article.

  1. Aardvark- A nocturnal burrowing mammal with a long snout, native to Africa.
  2. Aardwolf- A small, insectivorous mammal, resembling a hyena, found in eastern and southern Africa.
  3. Aasvogel- Another term for a vulture, particularly in southern Africa.
  4. Aarrgh- An expression of frustration or exasperation.
  5. Aarrghh- A variant spelling of “aarrgh,” also expressing frustration or annoyance.
  6. Aalii- A bushy shrub with hard wood and cluster of small red-brown flowers, native to Hawaii.
  7. Aardvarks- Plural form of aardvark.
  8. Aargh- Similar to “aarrgh,” an expression of dismay or irritation.
  9. Aah- Used to express pleasure, realization, or relief.
  10. Aahed- Past tense of aah; expressed pleasure or satisfaction.
  11. Aahing- Present participle of aah; expressing pleasure or satisfaction.
  12. Aahs- Plural form of aah; expressions of pleasure or relief.

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