Words That Start With Ah: Comprehensive List and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “ah” to enhance your vocabulary and satisfy your curiosity.

  1. Ahab – A Biblical king of Israel.
  2. Ahankara – The concept of ego in Indian philosophy.
  3. Ahimsa – The principle of non- violence in Indian religions.
  4. Ahohite – A designation for a person from the family of Ahoah in the Bible.
  5. Ahead – In the front or future; forward in time or position.
  6. Aheap – In a heap; in a disorganized pile.
  7. Ahem – An interjection used to attract attention or express doubt.
  8. Ahi – A large tuna species found in the Pacific Ocean.
  9. Ahistorical – Without concern for historical context or accuracy.
  10. Ahinahina – The Hawaiian name for the silversword plant.
  11. Ahoy – A nautical call used to hail a ship or person.

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