Words That Start With Ai: Learn and Expand Your Vocabulary

In this article, you’ll discover a diverse list of words that start with the letters “ai,” enhancing your vocabulary and comprehension.

  1. Aid- help or support
  2. Aide- assistant
  3. Ail- trouble or afflict
  4. Aim- a goal or purpose
  5. Ain’t- contraction for “is not,” “are not,” or “have not”
  6. Aire- a public open space in a built environment
  7. Aired- exposed to air, broadcast
  8. Airer- a device for airing something, especially clothes
  9. Airing- exposing to air or public discussion
  10. Aisle- a passageway between rows
  11. Aisles- plural form of aisle
  12. Aitch- the name of the letter ‘H’
  13. Aitchbone- the rump bone of a beef animal
  14. Aiver- old Scottish term for a workhorse
  15. Aikido- a Japanese form of self-defense
  16. Ailant- alternative form of ailanthus (tree)
  17. Ailanthus- a type of tree, often referred to as the tree of heaven
  18. Ailments- illnesses, diseases
  19. Aileron- a hinged surface in the wing of an aircraft for controlling lateral balance
  20. Ailey- related to Alvin Ailey, an American choreographer and activist
  21. Aimful- purposeful, having a clear aim
  22. Aimless- without direction or purpose
  23. Aimlessly- in a manner lacking a clear direction or purpose
  24. Aimlessness- the state of having no direction or purpose
  25. Ainu- a member of an indigenous people of Japan
  26. Aisleway- a narrow corridor or passageway
  27. Ailurophile- a cat lover
  28. Ailurophobia- fear of cats
  29. Airmail- system of transporting mail by air
  30. Airman- a member of an air force
  31. Airmen- plural form of airman
  32. Airplane- a powered flying vehicle with wings
  33. Airplay- the broadcasting of a particular recording on radio or television
  34. Airport- a complex of runways and buildings for the takeoff, landing, and maintenance of aircraft
  35. Airship- a powered, steerable aircraft lighter than air
  36. Airtight- sealed so no air can enter or escape
  37. Airtime- time during which a broadcast is transmitted
  38. Airy- light and breezy; spacious
  39. Aidant- helpful, aiding
  40. Aided- helped
  41. Aiding- the act of providing help
  42. Aikona- no, not (used in South Africa)
  43. Ailury- another term for a cat
  44. Aimfully- with deliberate aim or purpose
  45. Ainga- a type of music from Madagascar
  46. Ainsell- an obsolete spelling of “ancel,” a small scale
  47. Airbag- a safety device in vehicles that inflates upon impact
  48. Airbase- a base for aircraft operations
  49. Airbed- a bed or mattress that can be inflated for use
  50. Airbus- a type of large passenger aircraft
  51. Aircheck- a recording of a radio or television performance
  52. Aircoach- a coach service operated via airports
  53. Aircrew- the crew who operate an aircraft
  54. Airdate- the date a program is broadcast
  55. Air- dried** – dried by exposure to air
  56. Airer- one who airs, or something used for airing
  57. Airfield- an area prepared for the operation of aircraft
  58. Airflow- the flow of air
  59. Airfoil- a structure with a curved surface designed to give the most favorable ratio between lift and drag in flight
  60. Airframe- the mechanical structure of an aircraft
  61. Airglow- a photochemical reaction in the upper atmosphere producing luminosity
  62. Airgram- a system formerly used for sending lightweight airmail by photographing messages and transmitting the images
  63. Airhead- slang for a stupid person; also a military term for an area secured in hostile territory for supply and evacuation
  64. Airhole- a hole to admit air or allow it to escape
  65. Airier- comparative form of airy
  66. Airiest- superlative form of airy
  67. Airily- in an airy or light and breezy manner
  68. Airiness- the quality of being airy
  69. Airlift- transportation of people or goods by aircraft, especially in emergencies
  70. Airline- a company providing air transport services for traveling passengers and freight
  71. Airlock- a device permitting passage between different environments by controlling the air pressure
  72. Airmanship- skill in piloting an aircraft
  73. Airpark- a small airport or area with facilities for planes and related activities
  74. Airplay- the action or process of broadcasting or being broadcast on radio or television
  75. Airproof- impervious to air
  76. Airpump- a pump for removing air from or adding air to something
  77. Airscape- a view or scene from the air or composed of airborne elements
  78. Airscrew- a propeller on an aircraft
  79. Airshed- a geographical area producing air pollutants that affect a particular site
  80. Airship- a steerable self-propelled aircraft
  81. Airsick- feeling sickness from air travel
  82. Airsickness- nausea induced by air travel
  83. Airstream- a current of air, especially one in motion due to atmospheric effects or artificially created
  84. Airstrip- a small runway for airplanes
  85. Airtalk- conversation about air travel or aircraft
  86. Airtime- the time during which something is aired on radio or TV
  87. Air- trap** – a device for catching air bubbles
  88. Airward- toward the air
  89. Airwave- a radio frequency used for broadcasting
  90. Airway- a passage by which air reaches the lungs; also, a designated route followed by aircraft
  91. Airwise- informed about matters concerning air travel
  92. Airwoman- a female airman
  93. Airwomen- plural of airwoman
  94. Airworthiness- the quality of being safe for flight
  95. Airworthy- suitable or safe for flying
  96. Aisleless- having no aisles
  97. Aisler- one inhabiting or situated in an aisle
  98. Aisling- a vision or dream; a genre of Irish poetic literature
  99. Ait- a small island, especially in a river
  100. Aitchless- without the sound or letter ‘H’

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