Words That Start with Al and End with E: List & Examples

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “al” and end with “e” to enrich your vocabulary and enhance your writing.

  1. Allege- To assert without proof.
  2. Alliance- A union formed for mutual benefit.
  3. Alkaline- Having basic properties.
  4. Allege- To claim that something has happened.
  5. Allocate- To distribute for a particular purpose.
  6. Alleviate- To make less severe.
  7. Altercate- To dispute or argue noisily.
  8. Alienate- To cause someone to feel isolated.
  9. Alcove- A recess in the wall of a room.
  10. Allure- To attract or entice.
  11. Alkalize- To make alkaline.
  12. Aluminize- To coat with aluminum.
  13. Allocate- To assign or allot.
  14. Align- To arrange in a straight line.
  15. Aluminate- To form an aluminum compound.
  16. Alcade- A Spanish or Spanish-American mayor.
  17. Almanac- A yearly calendar with useful data.
  18. Altitude- The height above sea level.
  19. Alpine- Relating to high mountains.
  20. Alumnae- Female graduates of a school.
  21. Alate- Having wings.
  22. Allege- To state without proof.
  23. Allottee- A person to whom something is allotted.
  24. Antialkaline- Counteracting acids.
  25. Apatite- A group of phosphate minerals.
  26. Alumna- A female graduate.
  27. Affiance- To pledge in marriage.
  28. Alamode- Fashionable.
  29. Amazone- A legendary female warrior.
  30. Apostate- A person who renounces a belief.
  31. Aliterate- Able to read but not interested.
  32. Alienage- Status of being an alien.
  33. Alondite- An obscure or archaic term.
  34. Allophone- One of several speech sounds.
  35. Algebre- Obsolete spelling of Algebra.
  36. Allotrope- Different forms of the same element.
  37. Alcapone- Variant name of Al Capone.
  38. Abrasive- Capable of polishing by rubbing.
  39. Amicable- Friendly and without serious disagreement.
  40. Arbitrage- The practice of taking advantage of price differences.
  41. A- line – A type of clothing cut.
  42. Ardente- Fiery or passionate.
  43. Alente- Slow; relaxed.
  44. Aliterate- Referring to those who can read but do not.
  45. Allophane- A mineral occurring in earthy masses.
  46. Axletree- A bar connecting two wheels.
  47. Abolire- To abolish.
  48. Antique- Having high value because of age.
  49. Alidade- An instrument used in surveying.

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