Words That Start with Ambi: Common Examples and Meanings

Discover a comprehensive list of words that begin with “ambi,” including their meanings and usage.

  1. Ambiance- The character and atmosphere of a place.
  2. Ambidextrous- Able to use both hands equally well.
  3. Ambiguity- The quality of being open to more than one interpretation.
  4. Ambivalent- Having mixed feelings about something or someone.
  5. Ambience- The mood or atmosphere of a place.
  6. Ambiversion- A personality trait including both introversion and extroversion.
  7. Ambit- The scope, extent, or bounds of something.
  8. Ambisexual- Attracted to people regardless of gender.
  9. Ambisonics- A full-sphere surround sound technique.
  10. Ambivert- A person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.
  11. Ambilateral- Relating to or affecting both sides.
  12. Ambimorphism- Existence of both sexual forms in one insect.
  13. Ambilevous- Clumsy or inept with both hands.
  14. Ambiparous- Producing both sexual and asexual offspring.
  15. Ambicoloration- Having two differing colors.
  16. Ambisense- Both senses or directions, often in genetics.
  17. Ambistruction- Building on both sides.
  18. Ambipolar- Conductive of both positive and negative charges.
  19. Ambitus- The range or extent of something.
  20. Ambidirectional- Extending or operating in two directions.
  21. Ambilingual- Fluent in two languages.
  22. Ambiduction- Movement in both directions.
  23. Ambiphonic- A sound system extending stereo into a more realistic field.
  24. Ambiposition- The state of being around or surrounding.
  25. Ambilocal- Choosing residence either with the husband’s or the wife’s family.
  26. Ambichronic- Occurring in various periods of time.
  27. Ambiturn- Capable of turning in both directions.
  28. Ambijective- Containing both objectives.
  29. Ambigyrate- Having both turning directions.
  30. Ambimorph- An entity or object having both forms.
  31. Ambiconsonantal- Pertaining to both consonants.
  32. Ambitiously- In a manner showing a strong desire for success.
  33. Ambidolous- Working or functioning both ways.
  34. Ambilingualism- Fluency in two languages.
  35. Ambihelical- Having both spiral forms.
  36. Ambiportal- Having more than one entrance.
  37. Ambital- Related to the range of something.
  38. Ambinavigation- Navigating in both directions.
  39. Ambigraphic- Pertaining to writing or graphics on both sides.
  40. Ambichromatic- Having or producing both color types.
  41. Ambielephantine- Equally resembling an elephant.
  42. Ambistome- Amphibians with both larval and adult forms.
  43. Ambiform- Having both shapes or forms.
  44. Ambidynamous- Having equal strength or power on both sides.
  45. Ambivalentism- The state of having contradictory feelings.
  46. Ambihistorical- Pertaining to more than one period in history.
  47. Ambimalevolent- Wishing harm or misfortune from both perspectives.
  48. Ambicreation- Creation happening in multiple ways or forms.
  49. Ambidue- Owing in two directions or places.
  50. Ambialistic- Pertaining to two nutrient relationships.
  51. Ambiphasic- Having two distinct phases.
  52. Ambihabiting- Living or residing in two places.
  53. Ambilinguism- The state of being ambilingual.
  54. Ambijunctional- Relating to a connection or result that involves two directions.
  55. Ambivalentist- A person who holds ambivalent feelings or thoughts.
  56. Ambicosm- A realm or universe encompassing more than one cosmos.
  57. Ambisurvivability- Ability to survive in more than one condition or environment.
  58. Ambiareography- The study of life in environments involving multiple factors.
  59. Ambiplacebo- Dummy treatment effective in two ways.
  60. Ambiprocessor- A processor that can execute two types of processing.
  61. Ambivelar- Pertaining to covering or a protective mechanism in two ways.
  62. Ambisynthesizer- A device that synthesizes sounds or signals in more than one way.
  63. Ambisum- A sum or total calculated from multiple angles.
  64. Ambijuxtaposition- Placing or being placed next to something in multiple ways.
  65. Ambiclimactic- Relating to two (possibly opposing) climate conditions.
  66. Ambicolor- Having two colors.
  67. Ambibearer- One who carries a burden or responsibility in multiple ways.
  68. Ambiburned- Damaged by fire or heat in two places or ways.
  69. Ambiplexor- A complexor (agent of complication or combination) that operates in two manners.
  70. Ambiobjective- Targeting two objectives.
  71. Ambirystalline- Having crystal structures in two forms.
  72. Ambify- To modify or change in more than one way.

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