Words that Start with Ami: List and Definitions

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that begin with “ami.

  1. Amiable- Friendly and pleasant.
  2. Amicable- Characterized by friendliness and absence of discord.
  3. Amity- Peaceful harmony.
  4. Amiga- Female friend (Spanish).
  5. Amigo- Male friend (Spanish).
  6. Ami- Friend (French).
  7. Amid- In the middle of.
  8. Amiability- The quality of being friendly.
  9. Amicably- In a friendly manner.
  10. Amicabilities- Qualities of being amicable.
  11. Amino- Pertaining to amines or amino acids.
  12. Amidst- Surrounded by; in the middle of.
  13. Amiral- French for admiral.
  14. Amigurumi- The Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures.
  15. Amiss- Not quite right; inappropriate.
  16. Amidase- An enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of amides.
  17. Amiodarone- A medication for irregular heartbeat.
  18. Amina- A variant of amine.
  19. Amidone- Another name for methadone.
  20. Amicability- The quality or state of being amicable.
  21. Amianthoid- Resembling or relating to amianth.
  22. Amidic- Pertaining to or containing an amide group.
  23. Amimide- Organic chemical compound.
  24. Amiloun- Old name for a friend in literature.
  25. Aminal- A molecule that contains two amine groups.
  26. Amirate- The office or jurisdiction of an emir.
  27. Amimic- Not imitative.
  28. Amira- Noble lady.
  29. Amies- Friends (French plural).
  30. Amic- Related to or derived from amine.
  31. Amicite- Organic compound.
  32. Amictus- Roman clothing.
  33. Amigoing- A friendly social gathering.
  34. Amilaceous- Consisting of starch.
  35. Amidship- In or toward the middle part of a ship.
  36. Aminize- To treat with ammonia.
  37. Amiright- Slang for ‘am I right?’
  38. Amigdalate- Related to almonds.
  39. Amirr- A noble or high-ranking person.
  40. Amiibo- Nintendo character toys that interact with games.
  41. Amictive- Tending to friendship or association.
  42. Amidoxime- A compound derived from amidine.
  43. Amimagic- The magic of friends.
  44. Amisdom- Realm of friendship.
  45. Aminker- One who closely observes friendliness.
  46. Amijara- Friendly market or place of trade.
  47. Amicium- Roman garment or cloak.
  48. Amirolite- Mineral that is named after a friend.
  49. Amicoid- Resembling a friend.
  50. Amidul- Friendship emblem or charm.
  51. Amigology- The study of friendship.
  52. Amicant- One who spreads goodwill.
  53. Amidane- Chemical compound related to amidine.
  54. Amigue- Colloquial term for a close friend.
  55. Amintor- Greek name meaning protector or defender.
  56. Amider- A friendly helper.
  57. Amithing- An event or occurrence related to friends.
  58. Amilize- To make friendly or amicable.
  59. Amipathic- Having widely different friends.
  60. Amiry- Respectful acknowledgment to a friend.
  61. Amibin- Bin or container for friends’ items.
  62. Amithrus- Meeting place for friends.
  63. Amislow- Slow yet deliberate friendly act.
  64. Amithyst- Special gem given to a friend.
  65. Amicbor- A group of friends.

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