Words That Start With Aqua: Complete List and Their Meanings

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “aqua.

  1. Aquaculture- The cultivation of aquatic organisms.
  2. Aquamarine- A blue-green gemstone.
  3. Aquatic- Relating to water.
  4. Aquarium- A tank for keeping aquatic plants and animals.
  5. Aqueduct- A structure for conveying water.
  6. Aqualung- A device for breathing underwater.
  7. Aquaplane- A board ridden on water, pulled by a boat.
  8. Aquaponics- Combining aquaculture with hydroponics.
  9. Aquarist- A person who keeps an aquarium.
  10. Aquafaba- The liquid from cooked chickpeas used as an egg substitute.
  11. Aquaphobia- Fear of water.
  12. Aquaman- A superhero character who can control water.
  13. Aquafit- Water-based fitness exercises.
  14. Aquavit- A Scandinavian distilled spirit.
  15. Aquacade- A water-based performance show.
  16. Aquaponic- Related to a system of growing plants in water used for fish farming.
  17. Aquatile- Adapted to living or growing in water.
  18. Aquabib- A term for someone who drinks a lot of water.
  19. Aquapark- A water-themed amusement park.
  20. Aquarobic- Aerobic exercises performed in water.
  21. Aquatint- A printmaking technique involving etched areas for tonal effect.
  22. Aquaplane- To ride or skid on an aquaplane.
  23. Aquacell- A water-based cell or compartment.
  24. Aquabox- A container for underwater exploration.
  25. Aquaball- A water-filled exercise ball.
  26. Aquafoil- A marine vessel with hydrofoils.

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