Words That Start With Arch: Meanings and Examples

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that start with “arch”.

  1. Archangel- A high-ranking angel.
  2. Archaeology- The study of human history through excavation.
  3. Archaism- A thing that is very old or old-fashioned.
  4. Archduke- A nobleman of high rank.
  5. Archetype- A typical example of something.
  6. Archipelago- A group of islands.
  7. Architect- A person who designs buildings.
  8. Archive- A collection of historical documents.
  9. Archipelago- A sea with many scattered islands.
  10. Archrival- A principal rival.
  11. Archfiend- A chief evil spirit.
  12. Archway- A curved structure forming a passage or entrance.
  13. Archivist- A person responsible for preserving records.
  14. Archbishop- A chief bishop.
  15. Archivist- A specialist in archives.
  16. Archeology- The science of human antiquities.
  17. Archelon- An extinct genus of giant sea turtles.
  18. Architrave- The main beam resting on top of columns.
  19. Archduchess- The wife of an archduke.
  20. Architype- Another spelling for archetype, a prime example.
  21. Archconservative- Extremely conservative in politics.
  22. Archetypically- In a typical or quintessential manner.
  23. Archery- The sport of shooting arrows with a bow.
  24. Archeoastronomy- Study of how ancient people understood phenomena in the sky.
  25. Archaeobotany- The study of plant remains from archaeological sites.
  26. Archaeozygodont- A type of extinct mammal.
  27. Archaebacteria- Ancient group of bacteria.
  28. Archeocortex- The most primitive region of the cerebral cortex.
  29. Archaeoacoustics- The study of sound in archaeological sites.
  30. Archaeoentomology- The study of ancient insects.
  31. Archaeoherpetology- The study of ancient reptiles and amphibians.
  32. Archaeoichthyology- The study of ancient fish.
  33. Archaeomaterials- Materials studied for their archaeological significance.
  34. Archaeogenetics- The study of ancient DNA.
  35. Archaeogeophysics- Application of geophysical methods to archaeology.
  36. Archaeomorphology- The study of ancient physical forms.
  37. Archaeon- A new or recent discovery in archaeology.
  38. Archaeoseismology- The study of ancient earthquakes.
  39. Archaeostomatous- Related to ancient mouths.
  40. Archaeothanatology- The study of ancient human remains and burial practices.
  41. Archaeozoic- Relating to the earliest geological eon.
  42. Archaeoastronomers- Scientists who study the astronomical practices of ancient cultures.
  43. Archaeoclimatology- The study of ancient climates.
  44. Archaeogenomics- The analysis of ancient genomes.
  45. Archaeogeology- The study of ancient geological formations.
  46. Archaeosciences- The collective science disciplines applied to archaeology.
  47. Archaeosociology- The study of ancient social structures.
  48. Archaeozoology- The study of ancient animal remains.
  49. Archdiocese- The district for which an archbishop is responsible.
  50. Archducal- Pertaining to an archduke.
  51. Archegonium- The female reproductive organ in ferns and mosses.
  52. Archeography- The recording of ancient writings.
  53. Archdiocesan- Of or pertaining to an archdiocese.
  54. Archcriminal- A chief or particularly notorious criminal.
  55. Archegoniophore- A specialized structure bearing archegonia.
  56. Archmagi- Plural of archmage, a high-level wizard.
  57. Archwarden- A head warden.
  58. Archchronicler- A chief chronicler or historian.
  59. Archmovements- Principal or central movements, often in a historical context.
  60. Archpatriarch- A chief patriarch.
  61. Archpolitician- A principal or very influential politician.
  62. Archprophet- A leading prophet or seer.
  63. Archstrategist- A chief strategist.
  64. Archvector- The main vector or direction in a process.
  65. Archaleontology- An alternate form for paleontology, though archaic.
  66. Archaepithecus- An extinct genus of primates.
  67. Archaeostratigraphy- The study of ancient strata and its relation to chronology.
  68. Archaeoparasitology- Study of ancient parasites.
  69. Architectonics- The scientific study of architecture.
  70. Archlength- The largest or longest part or dimension.
  71. Archgrammar- Primary or most important grammatical rules.
  72. Archenhancement- Significant improvement or enhancement.
  73. Archspelling- Principal or most conventional spelling.
  74. Archsymbolism- The main or most prevalent symbols.
  75. Archconstruct- Principal construction or structure.
  76. Archerfish- A type of fish known for its unique hunting technique.
  77. Archheretic- A principal heretic.
  78. Archdevil- Chief or main devil.
  79. Archiconservative- Extremely conservative, another spelling variant.
  80. Archdemagogue- A primary or chief demagogue.

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