Words That Start with Astro: Definitions and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “astro,” perfect for expanding your vocabulary in the realm of space and celestial phenomena.

  1. Astrodome- A transparent dome on a plane or spacecraft for celestial observations.
  2. Astrobiology- The study of the origin, evolution, and possibility of life in the universe.
  3. Astrobiologist- A scientist who studies astrobiology.
  4. Astrobiological- Relating to the study of astrobiology.
  5. Astrochemistry- The study of chemical processes in space.
  6. Astrochronology- The science of using astronomical data to determine the age of rock layers.
  7. Astrocity- A highly advanced city, often used in sci-fi contexts.
  8. Astrocyte- A star-shaped glial cell of the central nervous system.
  9. Astrocytic- Pertaining to or involving astrocytes.
  10. Astrodynamicist- A specialist in the study of the dynamics of bodies in space.
  11. Astrodynamics- The study of the motion of artificial bodies in space.
  12. Astroengineering- The design and construction of structures in outer space.
  13. Astrogeology- The geological study of celestial bodies like planets and moons.
  14. Astrogeophysics- The study of the physical properties of celestial bodies.
  15. Astrogeophysical- Relating to the study of geophysics in space contexts.
  16. Astrogliosis- An abnormal increase in the number of astrocytes due to injury.
  17. Astrogliomatosis- A brain condition involving diffuse astrocyte proliferation.
  18. Astrograph- An astronomical instrument for recording the positions of stars.
  19. Astrographic- Relating to the recording or mapping of stars.
  20. Astrography- The mapping and charting of celestial bodies.
  21. Astrolabe- An ancient instrument used for solving problems related to time and the position of stars.
  22. Astrolatry- The worship of celestial bodies.
  23. Astrolepis- A genus of ferns often found in rugged terrain.
  24. Astrologer- Someone who studies or practices astrology.
  25. Astrologian- Another term for an astrologer.
  26. Astrological- Relating to astrology.
  27. Astrologically- In a manner related to astrology.
  28. Astrology- The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as influencing human affairs.
  29. Astrolology- A less common and archaic variant of astrology.
  30. Astromancer- Someone who foretells the future based on celestial observations.
  31. Astromancy- Divination by the stars.
  32. Astrometeorology- The study of the effects of astronomical bodies on the Earth’s atmosphere.
  33. Astronaut- A person trained for space travel.
  34. Astronautic- Pertaining to astronauts or space travel.
  35. Astronautical- Relating to the science of astronautics.
  36. Astronautics- The science and technology of human space travel.
  37. Astronomer- A scientist who studies astronomy.
  38. Astronavigation- The navigation of a vehicle by using celestial bodies as reference points.
  39. Astronomic- Relating to astronomy.
  40. Astronomical- Extremely large; relating to astronomy.
  41. Astronomically- In a manner related to astronomy; exceedingly.
  42. Astronomy- The scientific study of celestial objects, space, and the universe.
  43. Astrophotometer- An instrument for measuring the brightness of celestial objects.
  44. Astrophotometric- Related to the measurement of light in astrophotography.
  45. Astrophotometry- The measurement of the intensity of starlight.
  46. Astrophotograph- A photograph of celestial objects.
  47. Astrophotographer- Someone who takes photographs of celestial objects.
  48. Astrophotographic- Pertaining to astrophotography.
  49. Astrophotography- The process of taking photographs of celestial bodies.
  50. Astrophysics- The branch of astronomy concerned with the physical properties of celestial bodies.
  51. Astrophysical- Relating to the physics of celestial objects.
  52. Astrophysicist- A scientist who studies astrophysics.
  53. Astrosphere- The region around a star, dominated by the star’s wind.
  54. Astroscope- An instrument for viewing celestial objects.
  55. Astrosociology- The study of the relationship between humans and space.
  56. Astrostation- A space station.
  57. Astrosurgery- Surgical procedures conducted in space.
  58. Astrotheology- The study of how celestial bodies influence religious beliefs.
  59. Astrotracer- An instrument for tracking the motion of celestial objects.
  60. Astrotracker- A device or program that tracks celestial movements.
  61. Astrotraining- Training for astronauts.
  62. Astrovirus- A type of virus that infects the gastrointestinal tract.
  63. Astroworld- A term often used to describe the universe or a theme park related to space.
  64. Astrozyme- Enzyme used in experiments on how enzymes function in space.

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