Words That Start with Audi: Explained

Ready to expand your vocabulary with words that start with “audi”? This article covers an extensive list of such words and their meanings, perfect for enhancing your knowledge.

  1. Audi- short for “audible”
  2. Audio- sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced
  3. Audience- assembled spectators or listeners
  4. Audition- a trial performance to evaluate a performer’s skills
  5. Auditorium- a large room or hall for public gatherings
  6. Auditory- related to the sense of hearing
  7. Audiology- the study of hearing disorders
  8. Audiophile- a person enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction
  9. Audiobook- a recording of a text being read aloud
  10. Audiogram- a graph showing hearing acuity
  11. Audiometer- an instrument for measuring hearing ability
  12. Audiometry- the process of measuring hearing ability
  13. Audiogenic- induced by sound
  14. Audiovisual- involving both hearing and sight
  15. Audiocassette- a tape used to record audio
  16. Audiophile- a person passionate about high-quality audio reproduction
  17. Audiotape- magnetic tape used for recording sound
  18. Audiometric- pertaining to the measurement of hearing
  19. Audiolibro- Spanish for audiobook
  20. Audioprosthologist- a specialist in fitting hearing aids
  21. Audiotext- written or printed material accompanied by a sound recording
  22. Audiovisuals- materials using sound and visuals for communication
  23. Audiolinguistic- pertaining to the use and study of sound in language
  24. Audiodisc- a disc used for recording sound
  25. Audiovestibular- relating to both hearing and the sense of balance
  26. Audiodubbing- adding new sound to recorded media
  27. Audiovox- brand name for audio equipment
  28. Audiogramme- alternate spelling for audiogram
  29. Audiokinetic- relating to movement actuated by sound
  30. Audiokinesis- movement induced by sound
  31. Audioclip- a short segment of audio
  32. Audiofocus- targeted sound emphasis
  33. Audiostimulant- something that stimulates hearing
  34. Audiomotion- motion or actions derived from sound cues
  35. Audiotelephone- a phone system transmitting sound
  36. Audioeffect- a special sound impact or effect
  37. Audiocommunication- transmission of sound-based messaging
  38. Audioreception- the act or process of receiving sound
  39. Audioprocessor- a device that processes sound
  40. Audiopath- the study of adjusted sound paths
  41. Audiotherapy- treatment using sound
  42. Audiomedicine- the field of medicine dealing with hearing
  43. Audiological- related to audiology
  44. Audioadaptation- modifying audio to meet new requirements
  45. Audiosignal- electrical signals representing sound
  46. Audiomonitor- a device for monitoring audio signals
  47. Audiodescription- narrating visual media for the visually impaired
  48. Audiosequencer- a device for arranging and playing sound sequences
  49. Audiotronic- relating to electronic sound
  50. Audiovestibularist- a specialist in ear and balance disorders

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