Words That Start with Aw: Common Examples & Meanings

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “aw,” broadening your vocabulary and enhancing your language skills.

  1. Awaken- To wake up or rouse from sleep.
  2. Award- To give a prize or recognition.
  3. Aware- Having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
  4. Awash- Covered or flooded with water.
  5. Awfully- Very; extremely.
  6. Awkward- Causing or feeling embarrassment or inconvenience.
  7. Awe- A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.
  8. Awesome- Extremely impressive or daunting.
  9. Awning- A canopy made of fabric or plastic that provides shade or shelter.
  10. Awry- Away from the correct or expected course; askew.
  11. Awhile- For a short time.
  12. Awakened- Roused from sleep, having become aware of something.
  13. Awing- Causing awe or wonder.
  14. Awakenings- Instances of becoming aware of something anew.
  15. Awakenings- The act of waking from sleep.
  16. Awakening- An act of awakening from sleep or becoming aware of something.
  17. Awn- The bristle-like appendage of certain grasses.
  18. Awnless- Lacking awns.
  19. Awe- inspiring – Evoking awe.
  20. Awash with- Filled, covered, or flooded with something.
  21. Away- At a distance from a particular place.
  22. Awesome- Inspiring awe, often in a slightly overwhelming way.
  23. Awed- Filled with awe.
  24. Aweless- Lacking awe or reverence.
  25. Awe- struck – Filled with or revealing awe.
  26. Awned- Having awns.
  27. Awfully- Very badly or unpleasantly.
  28. Awoken- Past participle of awake; having been woken up.
  29. Awless- Lacking reverence or respect.
  30. Awl- A small, pointed tool used for making holes in wood or leather.
  31. Awmous- Alms.
  32. Awing with- Impressing or inspiring with awe.
  33. Aweary- Weary or tired.
  34. Awash with- Containing large amounts of something.
  35. Awash in- Covered or flooded with something.
  36. Awe- striking – Inspiring or evoking awe.
  37. Awkwardly- In an uneasy or ungainly manner.
  38. Awfully good- Surprisingly excellent.
  39. Awash in debt- Overwhelmed by financial obligations.
  40. Award- winning – Having won a prize or recognition.
  41. Awash with light- Filled or flooded with light.
  42. Aw- shucks – Displaying false humility or modesty.
  43. Awordements- Consenting or acknowledging.
  44. Awayday- A day’s leave from work.
  45. Awave- Waving.
  46. Awe- ebbing – The lessening of awe.
  47. Awhedge- To hedge with awe.
  48. Aware- making – Process of becoming aware.
  49. Aweigh- Of an anchor, raised just clear of the sea or riverbed.
  50. Awesomeness- The quality of being awe-inspiring.
  51. Awheels- Traveling by car or other wheeled vehicle.
  52. Awhoop- To make a whooping sound.
  53. Awkwardness- The quality of being awkward.
  54. Awkwarding- Making something awkward.
  55. Awn- like – Resembling an awn.
  56. Aweary- Worn out or fatigued.
  57. Awayness- The state of being away.
  58. Awkward turtle- A hand signal representing awkwardness.
  59. Awrite- To write.

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