Words That Start with Ax: Complete List and Definitions

Discover a rich variety of words that start with “ax” by checking out our comprehensive list.

  1. Axial- Relating to or around an axis.
  2. Axiom- A statement or principle that is accepted as true without proof.
  3. Axle- A rod or spindle passing through the center of a wheel or group of wheels.
  4. Axilla- The armpit.
  5. Axiality- The state of being arranged around or forming an axis.
  6. Axillary- Pertaining to the armpit.
  7. Axle- tree – A shaft upon which the wheels revolve.
  8. Axine- Axe-shaped.
  9. Axoid- Resembling an axis.
  10. Axeman- A man who wields an axe.
  11. Axenic- Free from other living organisms.
  12. Axoid- Relating to or resembling an axis.
  13. Axoplast- Part of a cell involved in forming spindles in cell division.
  14. Axinomancy- Divination using an axe.

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