Words That Start With Bea: List and Meanings

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “bea.

  1. Bead- A small, often rounded piece of material.
  2. Beam- A long, sturdy piece of squared timber or metal used to support.
  3. Bean- An edible seed, typically kidney-shaped.
  4. Bear- A large mammal with a heavy body and thick fur.
  5. Beat- To strike repeatedly; to defeat.
  6. Beadwork- The craft of making things using beads.
  7. Beagle- A small breed of hound with a smooth coat.
  8. Beaker- A lipped cylindrical container for laboratory use.
  9. Beacon- A signal fire or light to guide or warn.
  10. Bearded- Having a beard.
  11. Beaming- Radiating light; smiling broadly.
  12. Beanstalk- The stalk or stem of a bean plant.
  13. Beady- Small and shining, usually referring to eyes.
  14. Beadlike- Resembling beads in appearance.
  15. Bearing- The manner in which one conducts oneself.
  16. Beating- An act of striking or hitting repeatedly.
  17. Beautiful- Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
  18. Beautify- To make beautiful.
  19. Beauty- A combination of qualities that please the senses.
  20. Beaujolais- A region in France known for its wine.
  21. Beamingly- In a beaming manner; radiantly.
  22. Beadroll- A rosary or a list in printed form.
  23. Beamer- A person or a thing that beams.
  24. Beasthood- The state of being a beast.
  25. Beatable- Capable of being defeated.
  26. Beastie- A small animal or insect.
  27. Beastly- Like a beast; brutal.
  28. Beatable- Capable of being beaten.
  29. Beatles- A famous rock band from Liverpool.
  30. Beatifical- Relating to bliss or joy.
  31. Beamingness- The quality of being radiant or cheerful.
  32. Beastliest- Most beast-like; most brutal.
  33. Beau- A boyfriend or male admirer.
  34. Beaus- Plural of beau; boyfriends or male admirers.
  35. Beaver- A large semi-aquatic rodent.
  36. Beamingly- Smiling radiantly.
  37. Beauteous- Beautiful, especially to the senses.
  38. Beauties- Plural of beauty.
  39. Beautyberry- A shrub known for its clusters of purple fruits.
  40. Beauchamp- A historical family name.
  41. Beadle- A ceremonial officer of a church or college.
  42. Beaming- Emitting light or smiling broadly.
  43. Beanie- A small, snug-fitting cap.
  44. Beaded- Decorated with beads.
  45. Beadsman- An almsman; a person who offers prayers for others.
  46. Bearable- Capable of being endured.
  47. Bearer- A person who carries something.
  48. Beating- A physical punishment or defeat.
  49. Beast- A large animal or a brutal person.
  50. Beading- Ornamental work of beads.
  51. Beadswoman- A woman who prays using beads.
  52. Beadwork- Work involving beads.
  53. Bearhug- An enthusiastic embrace.
  54. Beastlike- Resembling a beast.
  55. Beatable- Able to be defeated.
  56. Beatitude- Supreme blessedness or happiness.
  57. Beatific- Blissful, imparting holy bliss.
  58. Beatify- To make holy or blessed.
  59. Beatnik- A member of the beat generation; nonconformist.
  60. Beamer- A device that projects light.
  61. Beating- The act of hitting someone or something.
  62. Beath- To select or gather.
  63. Beads- Small decorative objects, often threaded together.
  64. Beatup- To attack or assault.
  65. Beadwork- Decorative work involving beads.
  66. Beadsman- A man who prays for others.
  67. Beadingly- In a manner decorated with beads.
  68. Beach- A sandy or pebbly shore.
  69. Beaker- A cylindrical container used in labs.
  70. Beadle- A church or synagogue officer.
  71. Beatlemania- Intense fan frenzy for The Beatles.
  72. Beastie- A small creature or animal.
  73. Beathric- Pertaining to medieval English laws.
  74. Beatbox- Vocal percussion using one’s mouth.
  75. Beamish- Radiantly smiling or beaming.
  76. Beadleship- The office or position of a beadle.
  77. Beatball- A baseball term for a hard-hit ball.
  78. Beatrice- A female given name.
  79. Bezoar- A mass found trapped in the gastrointestinal system.
  80. Beak- The bill of a bird.
  81. Beaklike- Resembling a beak.
  82. Beaus- Multiple admirers or suitors.
  83. Beadroll- A list read out in church.
  84. Beard- The hair growing on the lower part of a man’s face.
  85. Beardless- Without a beard.
  86. Beadsnap- A type of glass bead.
  87. Beaconed- Marked or lit up as a beacon.
  88. Beamy- Broad or radiating beams or light.
  89. Beadle- A minor official in a church.
  90. Beath- An earlier term for order or command.
  91. Beamed- Radiated light or exuberance.
  92. Beating- The pulsation of the heart or other rhythm.
  93. Beadiest- Most bead-like or glittering.
  94. Beadledom- The office or jurisdiction of a beadle.
  95. Beautyspot- A small dark mark on the skin seen as attractive.
  96. Beamed- Directed light or radiation.
  97. Beady- eyed – Having small, sharp, and gleaming eyes.
  98. Beanfeast- An annual dinner or party.
  99. Beatboxer- A performer who mimics drums using their mouth.
  100. Beasthoods- The plural of beasthood.

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