Words that Start with Bell: The Ultimate List

In this article, you will discover a variety of words that start with “bell” to expand your vocabulary and enhance your language skills.

  1. Belladonna- A poisonous plant also known as deadly nightshade.
  2. Bellboy- A hotel staff member who assists with luggage.
  3. Bellbottom- A style of trousers with wide, flared legs.
  4. Bellflower- A type of plant with bell-shaped flowers.
  5. Bellhop- Another term for a hotel bellboy.
  6. Belligerent- Hostile and aggressive; ready to fight.
  7. Bellow- To shout loudly and powerfully.
  8. Bellows- A device for blowing air on a fire to make it burn more intensely.
  9. Belly- The abdomen or stomach area.
  10. Bellyache- To complain persistently; also, a stomach pain.
  11. Bellybutton- The navel on the abdomen.
  12. Bellydance- A style of dancing featuring undulating movements of the abdomen and hips.
  13. Bellyful- An amount of food sufficient to fill the stomach.
  14. Bellwort- A genus of plants with yellow, bell-shaped flowers.
  15. Bellwether- A leader or indicator of future trends.

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