Words That Start with Ben: Lists and Meanings

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that start with “ben”.

  1. Benevolent- Kind and generous.
  2. Benefactor- One who gives financial aid or support.
  3. Benefit- An advantage or profit gained.
  4. Beneficiary- A person entitled to benefits or proceeds.
  5. Benchmark- A standard or point of reference.
  6. Benediction- A blessing or the act of blessing.
  7. Beneficent- Performing acts of kindness or charity.
  8. Benign- Gentle, kind, or harmless.
  9. Benison- A blessing.
  10. Benedictional- Related to a blessing.
  11. Benignant- Kindly and benevolent.
  12. Benevolence- The quality of being well-meaning.
  13. Benefice- A church office endowed with fixed capital assets.
  14. Beneficial- Producing good effects.
  15. Benighted- In a state of pitiful or moral ignorance.
  16. Bencher- A member of a court.
  17. Bent- Determined or set.
  18. Benzene- A chemical compound (C6H6).
  19. Bench- A long seat or work area.
  20. Benedictine- Member of a monastic order.
  21. Benevolently- In a kind and generous manner.
  22. Benignly- In a harmless or gentle manner.
  23. Benzin- Another term for benzene.
  24. Benumb- To deprive of physical sensation.
  25. Benthic- Related to the bottom of a sea or lake.
  26. Beneficiary- Person receiving benefits.
  27. Benefactress- A woman who donates benefits.
  28. Benthos- flora and fauna found on the ocean floor.
  29. Benedetta- A given name.
  30. Benny- A slang term for benefits.
  31. Benemortasia- Denoting well-conducted euthanasia.
  32. Benoist- A surname.
  33. Bentonite- Absorbent clay.
  34. Benison- Blessing.
  35. Benedetto- A given name.
  36. Benchtop- The surface of a bench.
  37. Benidorm- A city in Spain.
  38. Benchmade- Precision-made.
  39. Benidictory- A reference to blessing.
  40. Beneficiate- To improve the grade of.
  41. Beneventan- Medieval script style.
  42. Benightedly- In a state of ignorance.
  43. Benthonic- Pertaining to deep-sea organisms.
  44. Benthically- Related to the bottom of water bodies.
  45. Benedryl- A trademarked medication.
  46. Bencher- A judge’s seat.
  47. Benzemic- Relating to benzene.
  48. Benchpress- Weightlifting exercise.
  49. Benjamite- Member of the tribe of Benjamin.
  50. Benedicamus- A liturgical formula for blessing.
  51. Benefactives- Grammatical term for beneficia.
  52. Beneficiation- Process to improve the grade.
  53. Benignancy- The quality of being benign.
  54. Benignant- Beneficial or kind.
  55. Benchers- Members of the bench.
  56. Benedictive- Related to a greeting.
  57. Beneficient- Kind and doing good.
  58. Benzofuran- A chemical compound.
  59. Benzylamine- An organic compound.
  60. Benzylated- Treated with benzyl compounds.
  61. Benchwork- Craftsmanship executed on a bench.
  62. Benedictory- Offering a blessing.
  63. Benefices- Church appointments endowed.
  64. Bentwood- Shaped wood.
  65. Benisoning- Act of bestowing blessing.
  66. Benzocaine- A local anesthetic.
  67. Benphetamine- A stimulant drug.
  68. Benchy- Slang for a sturdy seat.
  69. Beneplacito- Expression of approval.
  70. Benefiencies- Acts of kindness.
  71. Benefactial- Performing good deeds.
  72. Benefactize- To make a benefaction.
  73. Benfi- Slang shortening for benefit.
  74. Benjaminesque- Resembling Benjamin.
  75. Benumbed- Deprived of sensation.
  76. Benadryl- A medication for allergies.
  77. Benzol- Another term for benzene.
  78. Benedictions- Plural of benediction.
  79. Benzenoid- Resembling benzene.
  80. Benignatures- Expressions of goodwill.
  81. Benthamite- Follower of Bentham’s philosophy.
  82. Benchrest- Shooting support.
  83. Benchtops- Plural of benchtop.
  84. Benzilate- Derivative of benzoic acid.
  85. Benefinter- An interbenefit exchange.
  86. Benedictionals- Books containing blessings.
  87. Benzioates- Salts or esters of benzoic acid.
  88. Benching- Act of sitting or working at a bench.
  89. Benthoses- Plural of benthos.
  90. Benefiter- One who receives or gives benefits.
  91. Benefactored- Having received benefits.
  92. Benchingly- In the manner of benchwork.
  93. Benzinometer- Instrument for measuring benzine.
  94. Benzylethyl- A chemical derivative.
  95. Benedict- A newly married man.
  96. Benequity- Condition of fair and reasonable.
  97. Bentonite- Swelling clay used in drilling.
  98. Benedictionary- Related to blessings.
  99. Benzoin- A fragrant resin.
  100. Benchmarked- Evaluated against a standard.

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