Words That Start With Bene: Definitions and Examples

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “bene,” along with their meanings and uses.

  1. Benefactor- one who provides help, especially in the form of a gift or donation.
  2. Benefaction- a donation or gift.
  3. Beneficiary- person who receives benefits, profits, or advantages.
  4. Benefit- an advantage or profit gained from something.
  5. Benevolent- well-meaning and kindly.
  6. Benign- gentle and kindly.
  7. Beneficence- action that is done for the benefit of others.
  8. Beneficial- resulting in good; favorable or advantageous.
  9. Beneficent- doing good or causing good to be done.
  10. Benefice- a type of church appointment.
  11. Benevolence- the quality of being well-meaning.
  12. Benevolently- in a kind and well-meaning way.
  13. Benevolentness- state of being benevolent.
  14. Benefitting- receiving something advantageous.
  15. Benediction- a blessing, especially at the end of a religious service.
  16. Benedictory- pertaining to a blessing.
  17. Benedictus- a canticle sung or said during a religious service.
  18. Benedictional- a book containing blessings.
  19. Benedicite- a blessing or grace before a meal.
  20. Beneficeable- capable of holding a benefice.
  21. Benefitable- beneficial or profitable.
  22. Benevolency- willingness to do good.
  23. Beneficently- in a manner that does good for others.
  24. Beneficiaryship- the state of being a beneficiary.
  25. Benevolentia- Latin for goodwill or benevolence.
  26. Benevolentism- the practice of being benevolent.
  27. Benevolentist- a person who practices benevolence.
  28. Benevolentories- places or organizations practicing benevolence.
  29. Beneficeship- the state of holding a benefice.
  30. Beneficential- having the quality of benefiting.
  31. Beneficiate- to treat raw material for extraction.
  32. Benefic- producing good effects.
  33. Beneplacito- Latin for with good pleasure.
  34. Benefactress- a female benefactor.
  35. Benefactorial- relating to a benefactor.
  36. Benefactorship- position or function of a benefactor.
  37. Benefactivism- active practice of doing good.
  38. Beneficulus- made slight or weak.
  39. Beneflous- characterized by the movement of waters.
  40. Beneflede- blessing, often in prayers.

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