Words That Start With Bu: Definitions and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “bu” to enhance your vocabulary and language skills.

  1. Bubble- A thin sphere of liquid enclosing air or another gas.
  2. Bucket- A cylindrical open container with a handle.
  3. Buffalo- A large wild ox with shaggy hair.
  4. Bullet- A small metal projectile for firing from a gun.
  5. Builder- A person who constructs buildings.
  6. Buffer- A device or substance that reduces the impact of force.
  7. Buoyant- Able to stay afloat or rise in water or air.
  8. Burden- A heavy load, often figurative.
  9. Bureau- An office or agency providing a specific service.
  10. Bushel- A measure of capacity equal to 8 gallons.
  11. Butcher- A person who slaughters animals or prepares meat.
  12. Button- A small disk or knob for fastening clothes.
  13. Butter- A dairy product made from cream.
  14. Buddy- A close friend.
  15. Budget- An estimate of income and expenditure.
  16. Bundle- A collection of things tied or wrapped together.
  17. Buckle- A fastening device for straps or belts.
  18. Bugle- A brass instrument like a small trumpet.
  19. Buggy- A small cart or light vehicle.
  20. Buffet- A meal where guests serve themselves.
  21. Bus- A large motor vehicle carrying passengers.
  22. Bumper- A horizontal bar on a vehicle for absorbing impact.
  23. Bunk- A built-in bed on a ship or train.
  24. Bun- A small, round bread roll.
  25. Burrow- A hole or tunnel dug by a small animal.
  26. Burn- To consume by fire.
  27. Burglar- A person who illegally enters buildings to steal.
  28. Burst- To break open or apart suddenly.
  29. Bush- A dense shrub or small tree.
  30. Buttonhole- A slit made in fabric to fasten with a button.
  31. Buffering- The process of storing data temporarily.
  32. Bullion- Gold or silver in bulk form.
  33. Bulky- Large and difficult to handle.
  34. Bump- A light blow or a raised area.
  35. Bureaucracy- A system of government with many officials.
  36. Bursar- A treasurer at a college or university.
  37. Buccaneer- A pirate.
  38. Bum- A hobo or vagrant.
  39. Buzz- A continuous low, humming sound.
  40. Bulk- Large size or mass.
  41. Bungalow- A low, single-story house.
  42. Build- Construct by putting parts together.
  43. Bulge- A swelling or protruding part.
  44. Buttress- A support built against a wall.
  45. Bubbly- Full of bubbles; lively and cheerful.
  46. Bursitis- Inflammation of a bursa.
  47. Bunting- Decorative festive flags.
  48. Bureaucrat- An official in a government department.
  49. Bunco- A swindle or confidence trick.
  50. Bulldoze- To clear ground using a bulldozer.
  51. Bustle- Move in a busy and energetic way.
  52. Busload- The number of passengers that a bus can hold.
  53. Bugaboo- An object of excessive fear or anxiety.
  54. Burble- Make a continuous murmuring noise.
  55. Burly- Large and strong.
  56. Busboy- A restaurant worker who clears tables.
  57. Bushing- A lining for a hole to protect against wear.
  58. Burg- An ancient or medieval fortress; a town.
  59. Bust- A sculpture of a person’s head, shoulders, and chest.
  60. Busk- Perform music or entertainment in public for money.
  61. Bulwark- A defensive wall.
  62. Buffer- A person or thing that prevents incompatible people or things from coming into contact with or harming each other.
  63. Butterfly- An insect with large, colorful wings.
  64. Bureaucratic- Relating to the business of running an organization.
  65. Burlesque- A variety show, often involving spoof and satire.
  66. Buff- A pale, light brown color.
  67. Bushel- A unit of capacity equal to 64 pints.
  68. Bunker- A fortified military shelter.
  69. Bully- A person who habitually intimidates others.
  70. Butt- The thick end of something.
  71. Bull- A large male bovine animal.
  72. Bumptious- Irritatingly self-assertive.
  73. Buffet- Strike repeatedly.
  74. Bustline- The measurement around a woman’s body over the fullest part of her chest.
  75. Busybodies- People who pry into others’ affairs.
  76. Burbot- A freshwater fish.
  77. Bushwhack- To live or travel in wild or uncultivated country.
  78. Bursar- An official in charge of funds, particularly in a college or university.
  79. Bust- To break or burst.
  80. Busk- To play music or perform entertainment in a public place for donations.
  81. Buzzy- Causing or characterized by a buzz.
  82. Bud- A compact growth on a plant that develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot.
  83. Buzzer- An electric signaling device that makes a buzzing sound.
  84. Bunting- A lightweight fabric or a species of bird.
  85. Bustier- A close-fitting strapless top worn by women.
  86. Bursary- A grant to a student.
  87. Bullhead- A type of fish with a large, flattened head.
  88. Bulldog- A breed of muscular, hefty dog.
  89. Bullseye- The center of a target.
  90. Bunting- festive flags or a group of birds.
  91. Burgher- A citizen of a town or city, typically a member of the wealthy bourgeoisie.
  92. Burial- The process of placing a deceased person into the ground.
  93. Buteo- A type of hawk.
  94. Buttercup- A small yellow-flowered plant.
  95. Buttock- Either of the two fleshy parts of the human body at the back side.
  96. Buzzard- A large bird of prey.
  97. Bubonic- Relating to or characterized by buboes.
  98. Bulkhead- A dividing wall or barrier between compartments in a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.

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