Words That Start with Cap: Examples and Meanings

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that start with “cap,” helping you enhance your vocabulary and word games.

  1. Capable- Having the ability to do something.
  2. Capacity- The maximum amount something can contain.
  3. Capital- The city that serves as the seat of government.
  4. Capillary- A tiny blood vessel.
  5. Capsize- To overturn in the water.
  6. Caption- A brief explanation accompanying an illustration.
  7. Capstone- A finishing stone of a structure.
  8. Capsule- A small case containing medicine.
  9. Captivate- To attract and hold the interest.
  10. Capture- To take by force.
  11. Capacitance- The ability of a system to store charge.
  12. Capacitator- A device used to store electric charge.
  13. Capitation- A fee or payment of a fixed amount.
  14. Capitulate- To surrender under agreed conditions.
  15. Capricious- Given to sudden changes of mood or behavior.
  16. Caprice- A sudden and unaccountable change.
  17. Capstan- A rotating machine for pulling ropes.
  18. Capote- A long cloak.
  19. Capsicum- A type of pepper.
  20. Capillary- Relating to tiny blood vessels.
  21. Cape- A piece of land jutting into the sea.
  22. Caparison- Decorative coverings for a horse.
  23. Capitation- A tax levied per person.
  24. Capriccio- A lively piece of music.
  25. Captcha- A type of challenge-response test.
  26. Capping- Covering or topping something.
  27. Caplet- A smooth-coated, oval medicine tablet.
  28. Capoeira- A Brazilian martial art.
  29. Capitular- Relating to a chapter in a book.
  30. Capacious- Having a lot of space inside.
  31. Caparison- An ornate covering for a horse.
  32. Caper- A playful leap or jump.
  33. Capitation- A uniform tax imposed on each individual.
  34. Capstan- A large, revolving cylinder used for winching.
  35. Capitated- Paid or provided on a per-person basis.
  36. Caprock- A harder or more resistant rock type overlying a weaker one.
  37. Captious- Tending to find fault or raise petty objections.
  38. Captor- A person who catches or confines another.
  39. Captor- A person or animal that catches or confines another.
  40. Capreolate- Having tendrils.
  41. Caprine- Of or pertaining to goats.
  42. Capitellum- A small, rounded head of a bone.
  43. Capitulum- A compact cluster of sessile flowers.
  44. Capstan- A machine for moving or lifting heavy weights.
  45. Captan- A type of fungicide.
  46. Captative- Fascinating, capturing interest.
  47. Caprylic- Relating to caprylic acid.
  48. Capsaicin- A compound found in chili peppers.
  49. Captious- Fault-finding, critical.
  50. Capitation- A direct uniform tax imposed on each head or person.
  51. Capitellate- Having a rounded end, like a small head.
  52. Captative- Relating to captivity or confinement.
  53. Capriccio- A whimsical, impulsive act or style.
  54. Capture- The act of catching or seizing.
  55. Capsulize- To condense or summarize something.
  56. Capriole- A playful leap or jump.
  57. Capstan- A revolving cylinder used for winding.
  58. Capitulation- The act of surrendering.
  59. Capsulize- To put into a capsule.
  60. Capelin- A small forage fish.
  61. Capot- The hood of a vehicle.
  62. Capensis- Native to the Cape of Good Hope.
  63. Caprifig- A wild fig tree.
  64. Capriole- An upward leap made by a horse.
  65. Capstan- A vertical axle used for winding a heavy rope or cable.
  66. Caprylic- Pertaining to a fatty acid found in coconut and palm oils.
  67. Capesize- A class of large cargo ships.
  68. Capstan- A machine for moving or lifting heavy weights.
  69. Captioning- Adding subtitles or text to explain images.
  70. Cap- gown – Traditional graduation attire.
  71. Capitalism- An economic system based on private ownership.
  72. Capriccioso- A musical term meaning lively and free-spirited.
  73. Capeesh- A colloquial term meaning “understand” or “got it.”
  74. Cappella- Referring to singing without instrumental accompaniment.
  75. Capitano- Italian for captain.
  76. Captiousness- The quality of being apt to find fault.
  77. Capacitor- An electrical component used to store energy electrostatically.
  78. Caprock- A hard, protective layer of rock overlying weaker strata.
  79. Capsicums- Common name for various species of pepper plants.
  80. Capsules- Small, enclosed structures, often medicinal.
  81. Capoeira- A Brazilian dance-like martial art form combining elements of dance, acrobatics, and music.
  82. Caprate- A salt or ester of capric acid.
  83. Capelin- A small fish of the smelt family, found in cold seas.
  84. Capitation- Payment of a fee or grant per person.
  85. Capuccino- A type of coffee made with espresso and steamed milk.

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