Words That Start with Cha: A Complete List

In this article, you’ll find an extensive list of words that start with “cha” to enhance your vocabulary and language skills.

  1. Chair- A seat with a back, typically having four legs.
  2. Chalk- A soft white limestone used for writing on blackboards.
  3. Chance- A possibility of something happening.
  4. Change- To make or become different.
  5. Chase- To pursue in order to catch or catch up with.
  6. Charm- The power or quality of delighting or attracting.
  7. Chart- A sheet of information in the form of a table, graph, or diagram.
  8. Chasm- A deep fissure in the earth, rock, or another surface.
  9. Cheap- Low in price, especially in relation to value.
  10. Cheat- To act dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage.
  11. Cheer- Shout for joy or in praise or encouragement.
  12. Chest- A sturdy box with a lid used for storage or transport.
  13. Chafe- To rub abrasively against another object.
  14. Chaff- The husks of corn or other seeds.
  15. Chagrin- Distress or embarrassment at having failed or been humiliated.
  16. Chain- A series of linked metal rings used for fastening or securing something.
  17. Chalkboard- A board painted with chalk-receptive paint.
  18. Chalice- A large cup or goblet.
  19. Channel- A length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water.
  20. Chant- A repeated rhythmic phrase, typically one shouted or sung.
  21. Chandelier- A decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles.
  22. Champion- A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition.
  23. Chaos- Complete disorder and confusion.
  24. Charcoal- A porous black solid, consisting of an amorphous form of carbon, used for cooking and heating.
  25. Charger- A device for storing energy in a battery.
  26. Chap- A man or boy.
  27. Chapel- A small building for Christian worship.
  28. Chariot- A two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle used in ancient warfare and racing.
  29. Charade- A game in which players guess a word or phrase from pantomimed clues.
  30. Chassis- The base frame of a motor vehicle or other wheeled conveyance.
  31. Chateau- A large French country house or castle.
  32. Chatroom- A place on the Internet where users can communicate in real-time.
  33. Chatter- Talks rapidly or incessantly.
  34. Chauffeur- A person employed to drive a private or hired car.
  35. Cheatgrass- A species of grass in the genus Bromus.
  36. Chandelier- An ornate hanging light fixture.
  37. Chamois- A type of soft pliable leather now made from sheepskin or lambskin.
  38. Champagne- A sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France.
  39. Champion- A person who has won a contest or competition.
  40. Chanceful- Full of risk; precarious.
  41. Chalkboard- A blackboard.
  42. Chancery- A court of equity in the judicial system.
  43. Channelize- To make a channel for water or to direct one’s focus.
  44. Charbroil- To cook on a grill over an open flame.
  45. Chase- To follow swiftly in order to capture or overtake.
  46. Charity- The voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money.
  47. Cheater- Someone who deceives or acts dishonestly.
  48. Chaperone- A person who accompanies and looks after another person.
  49. Chassis- The supporting frame of a structure, vehicle, or device.
  50. Charade- A pretense or a game involving acting out words.
  51. Chirp- A short, sharp sound made by birds.
  52. Chalky- Consisting of or containing chalk.
  53. Chamber- A large room used for formal or public events.
  54. Charlatan- A person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill.
  55. Charter- A written grant by a country’s legislative or sovereign power.
  56. Chatty- Fond of talking in a friendly, informal way.
  57. Chalaza- Part of the egg that holds the yolk in place.
  58. Chancroid- An infectious bacterial disease.
  59. Chapman- An itinerant dealer or hawker.
  60. Chanter- A person who chants or the pipe of a bagpipe.
  61. Chapeau- A hat or headgear.
  62. Charlock- A wild mustard plant.
  63. Charette- Intense design activity or charrette in urban planning.
  64. Chasm- A deep crack or fissure in the surface of the Earth.
  65. Chanticleer- A rooster, often used in literature as a name.
  66. Chary- Cautiously or suspiciously reluctant to do something.
  67. Chancel- The part of a church near the altar reserved for the clergy and choir.
  68. Changer- One who or that which changes something.
  69. Chanteuse- A female singer, especially one who performs in nightclubs.
  70. Chaotic- In a state of complete confusion and disorder.
  71. Chapel- A small building for Christian worship, often attached to a private house or institution.
  72. Charity- An organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.
  73. Chafing- Rubbing that causes irritation or sores.
  74. Chanson- A French song, typically a lyrical rendition.
  75. Chauvinist- A person displaying excessive loyalty to a group or cause.
  76. Chancellery- The position, office, or department of a chancellor.
  77. Charwoman- A woman employed to clean houses or offices.
  78. Chanting- Repeating or singing a phrase or word rhythmically.
  79. Chamberlain- An officer who manages the household of a sovereign or noble.
  80. Charismata- Spiritual gifts or graces given to believers.
  81. Chaplet- A wreath or garland for the head.
  82. Chantey- A type of song sung by sailors.
  83. Chalcid- A type of parasitic wasp.
  84. Chasten- To discipline or punish as a means of correction.
  85. Chakram- A circular weapon used by Sikhs of India.
  86. Chatterbox- A person who talks a lot.
  87. Charger- Someone who charges.
  88. Charybdis- A sea monster in Greek mythology.
  89. Charabanc- A type of horse-drawn or motorized vehicle.
  90. Charcuterie- A branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products.
  91. Chalkpit- A pit or quarry from which chalk is obtained.
  92. Chemotherapy- Treatment of disease by the use of chemical substances.
  93. Chattel- An item of property other than real estate.
  94. Chainmail- Armor consisting of small metal rings linked together.
  95. Chapter- A main division of a book, typically with a number or title.
  96. Chatroom- A place on the Internet where users communicate in real-time.
  97. Chalk- A soft white limestone used for writing on chalkboards.
  98. Chainlink- A series of connected chains.
  99. Champion- A person who has won first place in a competition.
  100. Charette- An intense period of design or planning activity.

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