Words That Start With Circum: Definitions and Uses

Discover a list of words that start with “circum” and gain a deeper understanding of their meanings and uses.

  1. Circumference- The distance around a circle.
  2. Circumstantial- Pertaining to conditions or circumstances.
  3. Circumvent- To find a way around an obstacle.
  4. Circumscribe- To restrict within limits.
  5. Circumspect- Wary and unwilling to take risks.
  6. Circumference- The length of the boundary of a circle.
  7. Circumferential- Related to the outer boundary or perimeter.
  8. Circumlocution- The use of many words to say something that could be said more clearly.
  9. Circumstellar- Surrounding or located around a star.
  10. Circumsolar- Around the sun.
  11. Circumflex- A mark (^) placed over a vowel.
  12. Circumfluent- Flowing around.
  13. Circumfusion- The act of pouring or spreading around.
  14. Circumfluence- Liquid motion around a space.
  15. Circumvolution- A winding movement around something.
  16. Circumnavigate- To travel all the way around.
  17. Circumrotate- To rotate or move around something.
  18. Circumscribe- To draw a line around; to limit.
  19. Circumboreal- Spread around the northern regions of the Earth.
  20. Circumsolar- Situated around or surrounding the sun.
  21. Circumterrestrial- Surrounding or encompassing the Earth.
  22. Circumduction- Movement of a limb in a circular motion.
  23. Circumlunar- Around the moon.
  24. Circumambient- Surrounding; encompassing.
  25. Circumorbital- Surrounding the eye or another body part.
  26. Circumscript- Encircling or surrounding text.
  27. Circumterrestrial- Surrounding the Earth.
  28. Circumpolar- Surrounding or located near the pole.
  29. Circumstellar- Surrounding a star.
  30. Circuminsular- Situated around an island.
  31. Circumjacent- Lying around or about; surrounding.
  32. Circumlittoral- Surrounding or near the shore.
  33. Circummural- Surrounding a wall.
  34. Circumsolary- Encircling the sun.
  35. Circumvelous- Pertaining to the surrounding areas.
  36. Circumpendel- Spreading around or encircling.
  37. Circumvisory- Surrounding in terms of vision or sight.

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