Words That Start With Contra: Examples and Meanings

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “contra” to enhance your vocabulary skills.

  1. Contraband- Goods that are illegal to possess or trade.
  2. Contradict- To assert the opposite of a statement made by someone.
  3. Contrast- The state of being strikingly different from something else.
  4. Contrarian- A person who takes an opposing view.
  5. Contrary- Opposite in direction or meaning.
  6. Contraption- A mechanical device or gadget.
  7. Contrapuntal- Relating to or characteristic of counterpoint in music.
  8. Contract- A written or spoken agreement.
  9. Contractor- A person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor.
  10. Contraction- The process of becoming smaller.
  11. Contradiction- A combination of statements or ideas that are opposed to one another.
  12. Contravene- To violate or go against.
  13. Contrastive- Serving to contrast.
  14. Contrastively- In a way that shows contrast.
  15. Contradictory- Mutually opposed or inconsistent.
  16. Contretemps- An unexpected and unfortunate occurrence; a minor dispute.
  17. Contrahierarchical- Opposing a hierarchical structure.
  18. Contraindicate- To suggest or indicate that a particular technique or drug should not be used.
  19. Contrarywise- In a contrary manner; on the other hand.
  20. Contradistinguish- To distinguish by contrasting.
  21. Contrapose- To place in opposition or contrast.
  22. Contrasexual- Pertaining to the opposite sex.
  23. Contraposition- A placing or being placed opposite or contrast with another.
  24. Contrariety- Opposition or inconsistency between two or more things.
  25. Contrate- A gearwheel that meshes at an angle.
  26. Contraflow- A temporary arrangement where traffic flows in the opposite direction to normal.
  27. Contrapuntalist- A composer of or expert in counterpoint.
  28. Contraceptive- A method or device serving to prevent pregnancy.
  29. Contravallation- The fortification facing outward to protect besiegers.
  30. Contriteness- The state of feeling or expressing remorse or penitence.
  31. Contradicent- Denying or contradicting categorically.
  32. Contrafactual- Pertaining to or expressing what is contrary to fact.
  33. Contraplex- Containing or characterized by a mixture.
  34. Contrafibularities- Nonsense or fibs, lies.
  35. Contravariant- Changing oppositely in response to a given change.
  36. Contraversion- Turning or changing to the opposite direction of another.
  37. Contraform- A form used to contrast another form.
  38. Contraclockwise- Counterclockwise.
  39. Contramure- A secondary wall in fortifications.
  40. Contrarotating- Rotating in the opposite direction.
  41. Contraremonstrant- Opposing a remonstrant or protest.
  42. Contramusical- Opposing or contrasting musical forms.
  43. Contrabassoon- A large bassoon sounding an octave lower than the standard bassoon.
  44. Contrachapello- A double-headed axe.
  45. Contracursive- Running in opposite directions.
  46. Contradancemosphere- The ambiance or collective environment at a contradance event.
  47. Contradialect- Opposite or contrasting dialect.
  48. Contradacemovement- A specific sequence or pattern in contradance.
  49. Contratrend- Opposing the prevailing trend.
  50. Contramotion- Motion that is opposite in direction.

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