Words That Start with Cr: Examples and Definitions

This article lists a variety of words that start with the “cr” sound, providing an extensive vocabulary for your writing and speaking needs.

  1. Craft- Skill in doing or making something.
  2. Crash- A sudden loud noise or collision.
  3. Crave- To have an intense desire for something.
  4. Crawl- To move slowly on hands and knees.
  5. Crayon- A stick of colored wax used for drawing.
  6. Cream- A thick, fatty liquid skimmed from milk.
  7. Creek- A small stream or brook.
  8. Crepe- A thin pancake.
  9. Crest- The top of a hill or mountain.
  10. Crime- An act punishable by law.
  11. Crisp- Firm and brittle; fresh.
  12. Crash- Violent impact or collision.
  13. Crush- Compress or squeeze forcefully.
  14. Crumb- A small fragment of bread or cake.
  15. Crust- The outer layer of bread or pie.
  16. Cradle- A small bed for a baby.
  17. Cram- To stuff or pack tightly.
  18. Crass- Lacking sensitivity or refinement.
  19. Crate- A wooden box used for transportation.
  20. Crave- To desire intensely.
  21. Cross- A symbol of Christianity.
  22. Crow- A large black bird.
  23. Crown- A royal headpiece.
  24. Cruise- A sea voyage for pleasure.
  25. Crux- The most important point.
  26. Crypt- An underground room or vault.
  27. Crutch- A support for walking.
  28. Crawl- Move on hands and knees.
  29. Creator- One who creates.
  30. Crunch- Make a crushing noise.
  31. Crawl- Move slowly on hands and knees.
  32. Cringe- To bend in fear or discomfort.
  33. Crane- A large bird, or a lifting device.
  34. Crisis- A time of intense difficulty.
  35. Critic- One who evaluates performance.
  36. Cryptic- Mysterious or obscure.
  37. Crumble- To break into small pieces.
  38. Crusty- Having a hardened outer layer.
  39. Cracker- A thin, crisp wafer.
  40. Crank- A handle for transmitting motion.
  41. Creature- A living being.
  42. Crease- A fold or line.
  43. Crayon- A stick of colored wax.
  44. Crew- A group working together.
  45. Cringe- To shrink back in fear.
  46. Croak- A deep, hoarse sound.
  47. Crochet- Needlework with yarn.
  48. Cradle- A baby’s bed.
  49. Crane- A tall wading bird, or lifting device.
  50. Cracking- A sharp snapping sound.
  51. Crafty- Skilled in deceit or trickery.
  52. Cripe- An exclamation of surprise.
  53. Crutch- A support for walking.
  54. Creak- Make a harsh noise.
  55. Critique- To review or analyze.
  56. Crotch- The area where legs meet the torso.
  57. Crown- Royal headdress.
  58. Crassness- Lack of refinement.
  59. Creep- Move slowly to avoid detection.
  60. Crate- Storage or shipping container.
  61. Creature- Any living being.
  62. Cramped- Lacking space.
  63. Craving- Intense desire.
  64. Craftsman- Skilled worker.
  65. Cradling- Holding gently.
  66. Crate- A box or container for shipping.
  67. Crowned- Given a royal title.
  68. Crooked- Bent or deformed shape.
  69. Cringe- Show fear or embarrassment.
  70. Crave- Desire.
  71. Crochet- Technique of making fabric from yarn.
  72. Crater- A bowl-shaped depression.
  73. Critter- Informal term for an animal.
  74. Cruel- Willfully causing pain.
  75. Crucial- Very important.
  76. Crumble- Break into pieces.
  77. Crust- Outer layer.
  78. Crimson- A deep red color.
  79. Crackle- Series of small sharp noises.
  80. Cruiser- Large motorboat or warship.
  81. Crunchy- Making a loud crunching sound.
  82. Croissant- A buttery, flaky pastry.
  83. Crawlspace- A shallow area beneath floors.
  84. Crustaceous- Having a crust or shell.
  85. Creation- The act of creating.
  86. Crimp- Compress into small folds.
  87. Critically- With careful judgment.
  88. Cryptographer- Someone who studies codes.
  89. Crucifix- A cross with a figure of Jesus.
  90. Cruncher- Someone who processes numbers.
  91. Chrysanthemum- A type of flower.
  92. Crystalline- Resembling crystal.
  93. Cradleboard- A type of baby carrier.
  94. Creaky- Making a creaking sound.
  95. Crucifixion- Execution on a cross.
  96. Crowned- Forming the top of something.
  97. Crawfish- Type of freshwater crustacean.
  98. Crèche- A nativity scene.
  99. Critical- Expressing adverse judgment.
  100. Cratered- Marked by depressions.

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