Words That Start with Cra: List and Examples

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that begin with “cra.

  1. Crack- A line on the surface of something where it has split without breaking into separate parts.
  2. Cracker- A thin, crisp baked bread product or a person who cracks something.
  3. Crackle- A series of small, sharp sounds.
  4. Cradle- A baby’s bed or a place where something begins.
  5. Craft- An activity involving skill in making things by hand.
  6. Craftsman- A person skilled in a particular craft.
  7. Crafty- Clever at achieving one’s aims by indirect or deceitful methods.
  8. Crag- A steep or rugged cliff or rock face.
  9. Craggy- Having a rugged, rocky appearance.
  10. Crake- A bird of the rail family.
  11. Cranberry- A small, red, tart berry used in cooking and drinks.
  12. Crane- A large, tall machine used for moving heavy objects or a tall, long-legged bird.
  13. Cranial- Relating to the skull or cranium.
  14. Cranium- The skull, especially the part enclosing the brain.
  15. Crank- A device for turning, or a peculiar or eccentric person.
  16. Cranky- Irritable or ill-tempered.
  17. Cranny- A small, narrow space or opening.
  18. Crap- Nonsense or something of poor quality.
  19. Craps- A gambling game played with two dice.
  20. Crash- A sudden loud noise as of something breaking or a collision.
  21. Crash- land – To land an aircraft in an emergency, especially without landing gear.
  22. Crass- Lacking sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence.
  23. Crate- A large container for transporting goods.
  24. Crater- A large, bowl-shaped cavity in the ground or on the surface of a planet.
  25. Crave- To have a strong desire for something.
  26. Craving- A powerful desire for something.
  27. Craw- The stomach of a bird or insect.
  28. Crawl- To move on hands and knees.
  29. Crawler- A person or thing that crawls.
  30. Crawly- Giving the feeling of creeping or crawling, often used in reference to insects.
  31. Crayfish- A freshwater crustacean resembling a small lobster.
  32. Crayon- A stick of colored wax used for drawing or coloring.
  33. Craze- An intense and widespread enthusiasm for something.
  34. Crazed- Wildly insane or crazy.
  35. Crazily- In a crazy manner.
  36. Craziness- The quality of being crazy or wild.
  37. Crazing- A network of fine cracks on the surface of something, especially pottery or glass.
  38. Crazy- Mentally deranged or extremely enthusiastic about something.
  39. Craze- A very popular and temporary fad or trend.
  40. Crackdown- Severe measures to restrict or discourage undesirable behavior.
  41. Crackpot- An eccentric or foolish person.
  42. Crackup- A physical or mental breakdown.
  43. Cradle- A framework to support something or someone.
  44. Crack- up – A breakdown under stress; also, a laugh riot.
  45. Crash- dive – To dive into water with great speed; often used for submarines.
  46. Crashproof- Designed to resist damage in the event of a crash.
  47. Crashworthy- Capable of withstanding a crash or minimising injury in one.
  48. Cradle- A place where something is nurtured in its early stages.
  49. Cragsman- A person who climbs crags or cliffs.
  50. Crustacean- Aquatic arthropods like crabs, lobsters, and shrimp.
  51. Crayonist- An artist who works with crayons.
  52. Crayfish- Small, freshwater crustaceans resembling little lobsters.
  53. Cradlesong- A soothing song to lull babies to sleep, also known as a lullaby.
  54. Cratch- A manger or crib.
  55. Crate- Container for storage or shipping.
  56. Cravats- Short, wide strip of fabric worn around the neck, especially by men.
  57. Craven- Cowardly, lacking in courage.
  58. Cravenly- In a cowardly manner.
  59. Crania- Plural form of cranium, the skull.
  60. Craspedodromous- Having veins that run parallel and with cross connections, typically in leaves.
  61. Cratchit- To scratch an itch with vigor.
  62. Cratchery- A place where cratches or scratchers are made or used.
  63. Craped- Covered with crape (a smooth, intertwisted fabric).
  64. Crayer- A merchant ship.
  65. Crapshoot- Something that is risky or uncertain.
  66. Crackleware- Pottery with a crackle-glaze.
  67. Cracksman- A burglar, especially a safecracker.
  68. Crackle- To break with many small cracks and a noisy sound.
  69. Crawlspace- A narrow, unfinished, accessible area within a building, typically beneath the first floor.
  70. Cracking- Excellent, impressive.
  71. Crackling- The crisp, fatty skin of roast pork or chicken.
  72. Crackly- Making a succession of slight cracking sounds.
  73. Crash- landed – Made an emergency landing.
  74. Crash- land – To make a controlled but rough landing.
  75. Craquelure- A network of fine cracks in the paint or varnish of a painting.
  76. Craniosacral- Relating to the cranium and the sacrum.
  77. Craniofacial- Pertaining to the skull and the face.
  78. Cranioscopy- The examination of the skull to interpret the mental faculties and tendencies.
  79. Craniovertebral- Pertaining to the cranium and the vertebrae.
  80. Craniology- The scientific study of the shape and size of the skulls of different human races.
  81. Cranioscopy- Study of the skull.
  82. Cranioschisis- A congenital condition where there is a fissure in the skull.
  83. Craniorachischisis- A congenital defect of the skull and spinal column.
  84. Craniotomy- A surgical operation in which a bone flap is removed from the skull.
  85. Craniosynostosis- A birth defect in which one or more of the joints between the bones of a baby’s skull close prematurely.
  86. Cranioradiology- The radiologic study of the skull.
  87. Cranioclasis- The breaking of the fetal skull to facilitate delivery.
  88. Cranionecrosis- Death of the bone tissue in the skull.
  89. Craniofacial- Relating to the bones of the skull and face.
  90. Craquelure- A pattern of fine cracks on old paintings or ceramics.
  91. Craneberry- A rare alternative term for cranberry.
  92. Craquelée- Another term for craquelure.
  93. Crashproof- Resistant to crashing or damage from crashes.
  94. Craveably- In a manner that evokes strong desire.
  95. Crackingly- In a very good, impressive manner.
  96. Crabstick- A stick made from the wood of a crab apple tree; sometimes used as a term for a grumpy person.
  97. Crabapple- A small, tart fruit related to the apple.
  98. Crawlin- Moving slowly or on all fours.
  99. Crassitude- Grossness or coarseness.
  100. Crassify- To make less refined or more crude.

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