Words That Start With Dem: Questions Answered and How-Tos

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “dem” to enhance your vocabulary or help answer your search query.

  1. Democracy- A system of government by the whole population.
  2. Demand- An insistent request made as if by right.
  3. Demolish- To destroy or ruin.
  4. Demonstrate- To show clearly or prove.
  5. Dementia- A disorder affecting mental processes like memory.
  6. Demographic- Referring to the structure of populations.
  7. Demote- To lower in rank or position.
  8. Demure- Reserved, modest, and shy.
  9. Demystify- Make a difficult subject clearer.
  10. Demography- The statistical study of populations.
  11. Demagogue- A political leader who seeks support by appealing to desires.
  12. Demeanor- Outward behavior or bearing.
  13. Demotic- Relating to the language used by ordinary people.
  14. Demolition- The act of destroying something.
  15. Demultiplex- To separate signals that have been multiplexed.
  16. Demonstrable- Clearly apparent or capable of being proven.
  17. Demonic- Of, resembling, or characteristic of demons.
  18. Demography- The study of population statistics.
  19. Demagnetize- To remove magnetism from a material.
  20. Demobilize- To disband troops or armies.
  21. Demented- Mad or insane.
  22. Demarcate- Set the boundaries or limits of.
  23. Dematerialize- To become immaterial; disappear.
  24. Demonize- To portray as wicked.
  25. Demoralize- To cause someone to lose confidence or hope.
  26. Demystify- To clarify or simplify.
  27. Demilitarize- To remove military forces from an area.
  28. Demeritorious- Someone deserving of disapproval.
  29. Demigod- A being with partial or lesser divine status.
  30. Demo- Short for demonstration or demolish.
  31. Demount- Remove from a mounted position.
  32. Demasculinize- To deprive of male characteristics.
  33. Define Democracy- The principles of democratic governance.
  34. Demagoguery- Political activity seeking support by appealing to desires.
  35. Demurrer- A legal objection.
  36. Demandant- One making a demand in legal pleadings.
  37. Demographically- In relation to the structure of populations.
  38. Demoralization- The process of losing confidence or hope.
  39. Dementedness- The state of being demented.
  40. Demise- Death or end of something.
  41. Demean- To cause a severe loss of dignity.
  42. Demonology- The study of demons.
  43. Demotivate- To lower someone’s motivation.
  44. Demiurge- A being responsible for the creation of the universe.
  45. Demulcent- A substance that relieves irritation.
  46. Demigoddess- A female demigod.
  47. Demission- Formal resignation.
  48. Demesne- Land attached to a manor.
  49. Demonstrator- A person who demonstrates something.
  50. Demagogy- Another term for demagoguery.
  51. Demoralized- Having lost confidence or hope.
  52. Demandable- That which can be demanded.
  53. Demographical- Pertaining to demography.
  54. Demoniac- A person believed to be possessed by a demon.
  55. Demulcent- Soothing, especially to the skin or mucous membrane.
  56. Demesnial- Relating to a demesne.
  57. Demodernize- To revert to a pre-modern state.
  58. Demarcation- The action of fixing the boundary or limits of something.
  59. Demobilization- The act of disbanding troops or armies.
  60. Demi- Prefix meaning half or partial.
  61. Demodulate- To extract the information from a modulated carrier wave.
  62. Demode- Out of fashion; outdated.
  63. Demolitionist- Person specializing in demolishing buildings.
  64. Deem- To regard or consider in a specified way.
  65. Demineralize- To remove minerals or mineral salts from.
  66. Democratize- To make accessible to everyone; to introduce democratic systems.
  67. Demonstrative- Tending to show feelings openly.
  68. Demountable- Capable of being dismounted.
  69. Demi- urge – Not commonly used; related to demiurge.
  70. Demodulated- Past tense of demodulate.
  71. Demagogism- The methods or practices of a demagogue.
  72. Demography- Detailed information about a particular population’s structure.
  73. Dermatitis- Inflammation of the skin.
  74. Demimondaine- A woman considered to be of doubtful social standing.
  75. Demagogy- Political method for gaining power by appealing to emotions.
  76. De- mademoiselle – To deprive of the title mademoiselle.
  77. Demodex- A genus of tiny mites.
  78. Demotion- Reduction to a lower grade or rank.
  79. Demissive- Reflecting humility.
  80. Demurely- In a reserved, modest, or shy manner.
  81. Demogenic- Related to the growth of populations.
  82. Demi- pliĆ© – A ballet term for a slight bending of the knees.
  83. Demi- brigade – A military unit made up of combined regiments.
  84. Demining- The removal of land mines.
  85. Demagnetization- The process of removing magnetism.
  86. Demonetize- To withdraw the value of a coin or metal.
  87. Democratically- In a way that resembles democracy.
  88. Demirep- A person whose reputation is doubtful.
  89. Demise- Transfer of property by lease or will.
  90. Demorphin- A type of peptide found in amphibians.
  91. Demisexual- One who experiences sexual attraction only after a close emotional bond.
  92. Demotivation- The reduction of motivation.
  93. Dematerialisation- The conversion of physical assets into digital form.
  94. Demoulinia- A genus of flowering plants.
  95. Demulce- To soothe or soften.
  96. Demersal- Of fish, living close to the floor of a sea.
  97. Demotoner- A device that reduces voltage in electrical circuits.
  98. Demirelief- Sculpture technique with a moderately projected figure.
  99. Demi- lune – A crescent-shaped fortification.
  100. Demijour- Half-day or relating to a short period.

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