Words That Start With Dic: Examples and Definitions

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “dic” to expand your vocabulary.1. Dictionary 2. Dictate 3. Dictation 4. Dictator 5. Dictatorial 6. Diction 7. Dicotyledon 8. Dicamba 9. Dicentric 10. Dicarbonate 11. Dichotomous 12. Dichotomy 13. Dicentric 14. Dicentra 15. Dicer 16. Dice 17. Dicty 18. Dictum 19. Dictional 20. Dicynodont

  1. Dice- Small cubes with different numbers of dots on each side, used in games.
  2. Diced- Cut into small cubes.
  3. Dick- A slang term for ‘Richard’ or an informal term for the male genitalia.
  4. Dicker- To engage in petty argument or bargaining.
  5. Dicta- Authoritative statements or pronouncements.
  6. Dictate- To say or read aloud something to be written down.
  7. Dictator- A ruler with total power over a country.
  8. Dictation- The act of saying words for someone else to write down.
  9. Diction- The choice and use of words in speech or writing.
  10. Dictionary- A reference book containing words and their meanings.
  11. Dictum- A formal pronouncement from an authoritative source.
  12. Dicy- Risky or uncertain; another variant is ‘dicey’.
  13. Dicer- One who dices, especially in cooking.
  14. Dicty- Fashionably or pretentiously stylish.
  15. Dickey- A detachable shirt front, collar, or bib.
  16. Dicot- A type of plant with two seed leaves.
  17. Dicentra- A genus of perennial herbaceous plants.
  18. Dicrotic- Having a double beat or pulse.
  19. Diclinous- Relating to or having flowers with distinct male and female parts.
  20. Dictyosome- Part of the Golgi apparatus in cells.
  21. Dicumarol- An anticoagulant used to reduce blood clotting.
  22. Dicentric- A chromosome with two centromeres.
  23. Dicrotic- Relating to the double beating observed in some arteries.
  24. Dicarbonyl- An organic compound containing two carbonyl groups.
  25. Dicynodont- Extinct mammal-like reptiles from the Permian and Triassic periods.
  26. Dicoumarol- Another spelling of ‘dicumarol’, a blood thinner.
  27. Dicalcium- A compound containing two calcium atoms.
  28. Dicophysis- A genus of marine sponges.
  29. Dictyate- Relating to a stage in oocyte development.
  30. Dicliny- The condition of having separate male and female flowers.
  31. Diceless- Without the use of dice, typically in games.
  32. Dicotyl- A synonym for dicot or dicotyledon.
  33. Dictyostelium- A genus of slime molds.
  34. Dicoumarin- Alternative form of dicoumarol.
  35. Dicastery- A judicial body in Ancient Athens.
  36. Dicastic- Relating to a dicastery.
  37. Dicarboxylic- Pertaining to a compound with two carboxyl groups.
  38. Dicloxacillin- A type of antibiotic.
  39. Dicromyotonia- A condition with double muscle tone.
  40. Dichoptic- Pertaining to the vision with both eyes seeing separate fields.
  41. Dicoumaran- A synonym for dicoumarol.
  42. Dictynemous- Having the structure or organization like a web.
  43. Dictyotium- A genus of algae in the Dictyotales order.
  44. Dicranum- A genus of mosses.
  45. Dichogamy- The maturation of reproductive organs at different times in organisms.
  46. Dicyclomine- A drug used to treat irritable bowel syndrome.
  47. Dicentra- A genus of flowering plants in the poppy family.
  48. Dictional- Pertaining to or characteristic of dictionaries.
  49. Dicyanidin- A type of chemical compound belonging to the flavonoid class.
  50. Dicynodon- A genus of extinct synapsid reptiles.
  51. Dicastery- In Ancient Greece, a public court of justice.
  52. Dicarbonyl- A molecule containing two carbonyl groups.
  53. Dicentrics- Chromosomes with two centromeres.

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