Words That Start With Dys: Meanings and Examples

If you’re curious about words that start with “dys,” this article will provide you with a comprehensive list to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Dyslexia- Difficulty reading
  2. Dysphoria- State of unease or dissatisfaction
  3. Dystopia- Imaginary society of suffering and injustice
  4. Dysplasia- Abnormal growth of cells or tissues
  5. Dyscalculia- Difficulty with math skills
  6. Dysgraphia- Difficulty writing coherently
  7. Dysmenorrhea- Painful menstruation
  8. Dyspepsia- Indigestion
  9. Dysthymia- Persistent mild depression
  10. Dysarthria- Speech articulation disorder
  11. Dysphonia- Difficulty speaking
  12. Dystrophy- Disorder causing muscle weakness
  13. Dyskinesia- Impaired voluntary movement
  14. Dystonic- Pertaining to muscle tone impairment
  15. Dysplasia- Abnormal tissue development
  16. Dysmetria- Lack of coordination causing overshooting or undershooting
  17. Dysmorphia- Body image disorder
  18. Dysautonomia- Autonomic nervous system disorder
  19. Dysesthesia- Abnormal sensation
  20. Dysphagia- Difficulty swallowing
  21. Dyspnea- Shortness of breath
  22. Dysphonia- Voice disorder
  23. Dystonic- Muscle contractions causing abnormal postures
  24. Dysanapsis- Inefficiency in neural pathways
  25. Dysgeusia- Altered taste
  26. Dysbiosis- Microbial imbalance
  27. Dyscalculic- Relating to difficulty with math
  28. Dystrophic- Relating to muscle wasting conditions
  29. Dysmorphic- Related to abnormal body shape
  30. Dystrophic- Nutritional disorder causing tissue degeneration
  31. Dysesthetic- Relating to abnormal sensations
  32. Dyskaryosis- Abnormal cell nucleus development
  33. Dysregulation- Impaired regulatory mechanisms
  34. Dysrhythmia- Abnormal heart rhythm
  35. Dysostosis- Bone development disorder
  36. Dysesthesia- Impaired sensitivity
  37. Dysimmune- Related to immune system dysfunction
  38. Dyslexic- Relating to reading difficulties
  39. Dysmetabolic- Relating to metabolic disorders
  40. Dysphoric- Feeling of emotional discomfort
  41. Dyscoria- Abnormal pupil reaction
  42. Dystonia- Muscle control difficulty
  43. Dysphagic- Related to difficulty swallowing
  44. Dysgnathia- Jaw misalignment
  45. Dysopia- Poor vision
  46. Dysgerminoma- Germ cell tumor
  47. Dysphoric- Related to a state of dissatisfaction
  48. Dystactia- Disrupted voluntary muscle control
  49. Dyscirculatory- Impaired blood flow
  50. Dysteleology- Study of purposeless structures

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