Words That Start with Ear: Common Examples and Meanings

In this article, you’ll learn a variety of words that start with “ear” to expand your vocabulary or help with spelling needs.

  1. Earache- Pain inside the ear.
  2. Earbud- A small headphone worn inside the ear.
  3. Earful- A lot of information or a scolding.
  4. Earldom- The territory of an earl.
  5. Earlobe- The soft lower part of the ear.
  6. Earlock- A curl of hair hanging near the ear.
  7. Early- Happening before the usual time.
  8. Earn- To receive something in return for effort.
  9. Earnest- Serious in intention or effort.
  10. Earning- Income or profit.
  11. Earth- The planet we live on.
  12. Earthen- Made of baked clay.
  13. Earthly- Related to the physical world.
  14. Earthenware- Pottery made from fire-hardened clay.
  15. Earthmover- A machine for moving earth.
  16. Earthquake- A shaking of the ground.
  17. Earthworm- A worm that lives in the ground.
  18. Earthy- Resembling soil or the earth.
  19. Earplug- A device to block sound in the ear.
  20. Earmark- To designate for a particular purpose.
  21. Earmuff- Protective covers for the ears.
  22. Earnestness- Sincerity or seriousness.
  23. Earphone- A small speaker held close to the ear.
  24. Earshot- The range within which a sound can be heard.
  25. Earwax- Wax produced in the ear canal.
  26. Earwig- A type of small insect.
  27. Earpiece- A part of a device that fits in the ear.
  28. Earmuff- A covering for the ear.
  29. Earflap- A flap on a hat to cover the ear.
  30. Earcup- The cup-like part of a headphone.
  31. Earmarked- Set aside for a special purpose.
  32. Earthbound- Restricted to the earth.
  33. Eardrum- The membrane in the ear.
  34. Earthiness- The quality of resembling earth.
  35. Earthfaller- A landslide of earth.
  36. Earthward- Toward the earth.
  37. Earthshine- Soft light reflected from the earth.
  38. Ear witnessing- Hearing firsthand evidence.
  39. Earthenhearted- Callous or unfeeling (archaic).
  40. Earhole- The opening of the ear canal.
  41. Earthshaker- Something that causes a great impact.
  42. Earstone- A stone in the inner ear of a fish.
  43. Earthstopping- Plugging the burrow of a fox.
  44. Earthquake- prone – Susceptible to earthquakes.

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