Words That Start With Eb: List and Definitions

Discover a variety of words that start with “eb” to enhance your vocabulary and expand your language skills.

  1. Ebb- the movement of the tide out to sea.
  2. Ebon- a dark black color.
  3. Ebbing- gradually lessening or reducing.
  4. Ebony- a dense black hardwood.
  5. Ebonist- a worker in ebony.
  6. Ebonize- to stain wood to black, resembling ebony.
  7. Ebonized- having been treated to appear like ebony.
  8. Ebriate- to intoxicate.
  9. Ebonizing- the act of treating wood to resemble ebony.
  10. Ebonite- a hard, black variety of vulcanized rubber.
  11. Ebrious- pertaining to drunkenness.
  12. Eburate- of ivory; resembling ivory.
  13. Ebullient- overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement.
  14. Ebullition- a sudden outburst of emotion or violence.
  15. Ebullism- formation of bubbles in body fluids due to reduced environmental pressure.
  16. Eburnean- relating to or resembling ivory.
  17. Eburnation- the process of becoming like ivory, typically in bones.
  18. Ebriosity- habitual intoxication.
  19. Ebenezer- a commemoration of divine assistance.
  20. Eblaite- relating to the ancient city of Ebla.
  21. Ebonie- a variant of ebony.
  22. Ebroic- related to Ebro, a river in Spain.
  23. Ebonist’s- pertaining to a worker of ebony.
  24. Ebbet- a diminutive for Elizabeth.
  25. Ebayer- a person who uses eBay for buying or selling.
  26. Ebonizing- the process of making wood appear like ebony.
  27. Ebukidine- a fiery, incandescent.
  28. Ebulous- characteristic of boiling.
  29. Eblouis- a French word meaning dazzled or bedazzled.
  30. Eblouir- a French verb meaning to dazzle or bedazzle.

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