Words That Start With Ec: List and Definitions

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “ec.

  1. Eclectic- deriving ideas or style from a diverse range of sources.
  2. Eccentric- unconventional and slightly strange.
  3. Eclipse- the obscuring of one object by another, especially a celestial body.
  4. Economy- the system of production, consumption, and trade of goods and services.
  5. Ecologist- a scientist who studies the relationships between organisms and their environment.
  6. Ecosystem- a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.
  7. Ecology- the study of interactions between organisms and their environment.
  8. Economic- relating to economics or the economy.
  9. Economical- giving good value or service in relation to the amount of money, time, or effort spent.
  10. Ecstasy- an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement.
  11. Ecstatic- feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joy.
  12. Ecumenical- promoting or relating to unity among the world’s Christian churches.
  13. Echelon- a level or rank in an organization, profession, or society.
  14. Echolocation- a system used by animals like bats to locate objects by reflected sound.
  15. Echocardiogram- an ultrasound of the heart.
  16. Ecce Homo- a representation of Jesus, particularly in art.
  17. Eccrine- relating to or denoting the main sweat glands of the human skin.
  18. Ecdysis- the process of shedding old skin in reptiles or insects.
  19. Eco- friendly – not harmful to the environment.
  20. Ecotourism- tourism directed towards exotic, often threatened, natural environments.
  21. Ecclesiastic- relating to the Christian Church or its clergy.
  22. Ecclesiology- the study of churches, especially building and decoration.
  23. Ecocide- destruction of the natural environment by deliberate or negligent human action.
  24. Eclampsia- a condition in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and seizures.
  25. Eclogue- a short poem, especially a pastoral dialogue.
  26. Econometrics- the application of statistical methods to economic data.
  27. Economizer- a device that reduces energy consumption.
  28. Edematous- swollen with an excessive accumulation of fluid.
  29. Ecesis- the establishment of a plant or animal in a new habitat.
  30. Ecdysozoa- a group of protostomes that periodically sheds their exoskeleton.
  31. Ectopic- occurring in an abnormal position or place.
  32. Ectoderm- the outermost layer of cells or tissue of an embryo in early development.
  33. Ectoplasm- the outer portion of the cytoplasm in a cell.
  34. Ectothermic- cold-blooded, relying on external environmental heat.
  35. Ectomorph- a person with a lean and delicate body build.
  36. Ectogenesis- development outside the body; artificial development.
  37. Ectozoon- a parasitic organism that lives on the surface of its host.
  38. Ectosphere- the outer layer or environment affecting a planetary body.
  39. Ectotherm- an organism reliant on external heat sources.
  40. Ectopic pregnancy- a pregnancy in which the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus.
  41. Ectoenzyme- an enzyme functioning outside the cell membrane.
  42. Ectocardia- a congenital condition where the heart is positioned abnormally.
  43. Ectocranial- relating to the outer surface of the skull.
  44. Ecphrasis- a vivid description of a scene or work of art.
  45. Ecphotics- substances that produce a visible chemical change.
  46. Ecphonesis- an emotional, exclamatory phrase in rhetoric.
  47. Ecphractic- promoting the opening of passages, such as respiratory passages.
  48. Echoic- related to or resembling an echo.
  49. Echogram- an image produced by ultrasound.
  50. Ecolabel- a label on a product that indicates it meets specific environmental criteria.
  51. Ecosophy- a philosophy of ecological harmony and equilibrium.
  52. Ecomorph- a species with a form shaped by its ecological niche.
  53. Ecocatastrophe- a major, usually sudden, environmental disaster.
  54. Ecodynamics- study of the interactions between ecological and economic systems.
  55. Ecofeminism- a philosophical and political movement combining feminist and ecological concerns.
  56. Ecomodernism- a view that argues humans can protect nature by using technology wisely.
  57. Ecofascism- a term used to describe the intersection of environmentalism with fascist ideologies.
  58. Ecophagy- consumption or destruction of an ecosystem.
  59. Ecolocate- to locate objects or surroundings by using echo-sounds.
  60. Echocardiography- medical imaging using ultrasound to visualize the heart.
  61. Ectoantigen- an antigen located on the cell surface.
  62. Ectochorion- the outermost layer of an egg.
  63. Ectocommensal- an organism living on another without harming it.
  64. Ectodermal dysplasia- a genetic disorder involving the abnormal development of the skin and its appendages.
  65. Ectoproct- an aquatic invertebrate animal, also known as bryozoan.
  66. Ectosymbiont- an organism that lives on the body surface of another organism.
  67. Eclampsia- severe symptoms of preeclampsia like seizures during pregnancy.
  68. Ecrocytosis- the disappearance of red blood cells in a specific area.
  69. Ectype- a copy from an original work or model.
  70. Ecumenism- the principle or aim of promoting unity among the world’s Christian churches.
  71. Ecocline- a gradual change in species composition and ecosystem processes in space.
  72. Ecopoiesis- the process of creating a sustainable ecosystem on another planet.
  73. Ecodefense- measures aimed at protecting the environment.
  74. Ecofreak- a person who is intensely concerned about environmental issues.
  75. Econobox- an economical, fuel-efficient car.
  76. Ecopolitical- relating to the political aspects of ecology.
  77. Ecozone- a broad geographic area with a distinct assemblage of species and ecosystems.
  78. Ecotone- a transition area between two biological communities.
  79. Ecpad- a compact and lightweight electronic notepad.
  80. Eccumenism- efforts toward the unity of Christian denominations.
  81. Ecesial- relating to sacred or religious matters.
  82. Ecomama- a mother particularly concerned with ecological practices.
  83. Ecojustice- the fair treatment of all people in environmental decisions.
  84. Ecolinguistics- the study of language and its relationship with the environment.
  85. Eco- revolution – a societal transformation emphasizing ecological sustainability.
  86. Ecotangle- complex interconnections within an ecosystem.
  87. Eco- benchmark – a standard criterion for evaluating environmental performance.
  88. Ecostrology- the study of how cosmic influences affect ecosystems.
  89. Ecoglut- oversupply of environmentally friendly products and services.
  90. Eco- resonance – the state where ecological elements harmonize with each other.
  91. Ectoblast- the outer layer of cells in embryonic development.
  92. Ectocommensalism- a type of commensalism where one organism lives on the surface of another.
  93. Ecoblastema- the early stages of embryonic development in plants.
  94. Ectodomine- chemicals produced by a plant that affect the behavior or development of another plant.
  95. Ectoplacenta- part of the placenta derived from trophoblast cells.
  96. Ecomimicry- design or practice that aims to imitate natural ecosystems.
  97. Ecolith- a rock formation with significant ecological influence.
  98. Ecodan- a dance or event promoting ecological awareness.
  99. Ecovation- innovation in ecological technologies or methods.

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