Words That Start With Ed: List and Examples

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “ed” to expand your vocabulary and enhance your language skills.

  1. Edacious- having a great appetite; voracious.
  2. Edam- a mild, firm cheese originally from the Netherlands.
  3. Edaphic- relating to the soil.
  4. Edema- swelling caused by fluid retention.
  5. Eden- a state of perfect happiness; paradise.
  6. Edentate- lacking teeth.
  7. Edgy- tense, nervous, or irritable.
  8. Edict- an official order or proclamation.
  9. Edifice- a large, imposing building.
  10. Edit- to prepare written material for publication.
  11. Edition- a particular form or version of a published text.
  12. Editor- a person who is in charge of the final content of a text.
  13. Educate- to provide instruction or training.
  14. Educated- having a high level of education.
  15. Education- the process of teaching or learning.
  16. Edulcorate- to sweeten or make more pleasant.
  17. Edutainment- content designed both to educate and entertain.
  18. Edacity- extreme hunger; voracity.
  19. Edible- safe to eat.
  20. Edictal- pertaining to an edict or proclamation.
  21. Edification- improvement of a person morally or intellectually.
  22. Edifying- providing moral or intellectual instruction.
  23. Edify- instruct or improve morally or intellectually.
  24. Editor- in-chief – the head editor of a publication.
  25. Editorial- an article expressing opinions or perspectives.
  26. Editorship- the role or position of an editor.
  27. Educative- serving to educate or instruct.
  28. Educible- capable of being drawn out or developed.
  29. Eductive- capable of being educed or elicited.
  30. Edaciousness- extreme hunger or eagerness.
  31. Edaciously- in a manner showing great appetite.
  32. Edwardian- relating to the period of King Edward VII.
  33. Eddy- a circular movement of water, air, or smoke.
  34. Eddying- moving in a circular manner.
  35. Edulcoration- the act of sweetening.
  36. Edile- an official in ancient Rome in charge of public works.
  37. Eddie- a diminutive form of the name Edward.
  38. Edge- the line or point where something begins or ends.
  39. Edging- a decorative border or trim.
  40. Edged- having a sharp or defined edge.
  41. Edgeless- without a sharp or defined edge.
  42. Edgy- unconventional or avant-garde.
  43. Edible- fit to be eaten.
  44. Editorships- plural form of the role or position of an editor.
  45. EdTexas- an educational resource platform (fictional/creative name).
  46. Edself- a term or brand related to education (fictional/creative name).
  47. Edgoal- a point or aim in education (fictional/creative name).
  48. Edument- formal term for educational content (fictional/creative name).
  49. Educationalist- an expert in the field of education.
  50. Educationally- in a manner related to education.

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