Words That Start With Ef: Your Essential List

Discover a comprehensive list of words that begin with “ef” to enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Efface- to erase or remove
  2. Effect- a result or consequence
  3. Effective- successful in producing a desired result
  4. Effectively- in a way that produces a desired result
  5. Effectiveness- the degree to which something is successful
  6. Effeminate- showing traits traditionally associated with females
  7. Effendi- a title of respect in Middle Eastern countries
  8. Effervesce- to bubble or fizz
  9. Effervescent- lively or bubbly
  10. Effervescence- the quality of being bubbly or lively
  11. Efficient- achieving maximum productivity with minimum waste
  12. Efficiency- the state of being efficient
  13. Effigy- a sculpture or model of a person
  14. Effluent- liquid waste discharged into a river or the sea
  15. Effluvium- an unpleasant or harmful odor or discharge
  16. Effort- a vigorous or determined attempt
  17. Effortful- requiring effort or exertion
  18. Effortlessly- in a manner requiring no effort
  19. Effrontery- shameless boldness
  20. Effulgent- shining brightly, radiant
  21. Effusion- a pouring out of something
  22. Effusive- expressing feelings of gratitude or pleasure
  23. Effuse- to pour out
  24. Effeminacy- the condition of being effeminate
  25. Effervescently- in a lively or bubbly way

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