Words That Start With EI: Unlock Language and Improve Vocabulary

Discover a variety of words that start with “ei” to enhance your vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

  1. Eider- a type of duck from which eiderdown is obtained.
  2. Eidetic- relating to or denoting mental images of extraordinary vividness.
  3. Eigenvalue- a scalar associated with a given linear transformation of a vector space.
  4. Eigenvector- a vector that does not change direction in a transformation.
  5. Eight- a numeral, 8.
  6. Eighth- ordinal form of the number eight.
  7. Eighteen- a numeral, 18.
  8. Eighteenth- ordinal form of the number eighteen.
  9. Eightfold- comprising eight parts or members.
  10. Eighth- one part in eight equal parts.
  11. Eighties- the decade from 1980 to 1989.
  12. Eightieth- ordinal form of the number eighty.
  13. Eighty- a numeral, 80.
  14. Einsteinium- a synthetic element with the symbol Es.
  15. Eire- another name for Ireland.
  16. Either- used before the first of two alternatives.
  17. Eisteddfod- a festival of literature, music, and performance in Welsh culture.
  18. Eiswein- a type of dessert wine made from grapes frozen while still on the vine.
  19. Eisteddfodic- relating to or characteristic of an eisteddfod.
  20. Einkorn- an ancient type of wheat.
  21. Eirenicon- a proposal for establishing peace or goodwill.
  22. Eisegesis- an interpretation of a text that expresses the interpreter’s personal biases.
  23. Eikosanol- a high molecular weight hydrocarbon.
  24. Eikosene- one of the hydrocarbons found in petroleum.
  25. Eikones- plural of icon, used in the sense of images or representations.
  26. Eikosanoic- relating to or comprising twenty carbon atoms.
  27. Eild- an old Scottish term signifying a period of rest or leave.
  28. Eigenmode- a natural vibrational mode, particularly in physical systems.
  29. Eikonology- the study of images or representations in the context of art or literature.
  30. Eiffel- relating to the Eiffel Tower or its designer, Gustave Eiffel.
  31. Eigenfrequency- the natural frequency at which a system tends to oscillate in the absence of any driving or damping force.
  32. Eightvo- a book size (from sheets folded to form eight leaves).
  33. Eightsman- a rower in the number eight position in a rowing boat.
  34. Eighties- years of a decade (such as 1780-1789 or 1980-1989) plural of eighty.
  35. Eisteddfodau- plural of eisteddfod.
  36. Eikon- an alternate spelling of “icon,” especially in religious art.
  37. Eigenfunction- a function that is mapped to a multiple of itself by a given operator.
  38. Eisoptrophobia- fear of mirrors or seeing oneself in a mirror.
  39. Eicosapentaenoic- an omega-3 fatty acid, abbreviated as EPA.
  40. Eirenic- tending to promote peace or reconciliation.
  41. Eightfold- path** – the path to nirvana in Buddhism, consisting of eight parts.
  42. Eigenproblem- the problem of determining the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix.
  43. Eikosi- ** – a prefix meaning twenty.
  44. Eirenism- advocacy of peace among churches.
  45. Either- or** – involving a choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities.
  46. Eighter- informal term for someone or something eight in sequence or number.
  47. Eitherway- another form of saying “either manner” highlighting options.
  48. Eightpence- old British coin worth eight pence.
  49. Eightpenny- relating to a nail size, formerly costing eight pence per hundred.
  50. Eightfold way- a model in particle physics grouping particles into octets.
  51. Eikosyl- relating to 20 carbon atoms in the molecular structure.
  52. Eikasane- a saturated hydrocarbon from the paraffin series.
  53. Eierspeise- Austrian or German for scrambled eggs.
  54. Eighth- note** – a musical note played for one-eighth the duration of a whole note.
  55. Einkorn Wheat- one of the earliest cultivated forms of wheat.
  56. Eisstocksport- a winter sport similar to curling, played in Austria and Germany.
  57. Eightvo- a technical term used to describe the size of a book, primarily historical.
  58. Eigenpath- theoretical term used in physics and mathematics related to eigenvalues.
  59. Eilenberg- surname of mathematician Samuel Eilenberg.
  60. Eicosanoids- signaling molecules formed by oxidation of twenty carbon fatty acids.
  61. Eightshed- hypothetical term with rare usage speculatively in architecture.
  62. Eighth- grader** – a student in the eighth grade.
  63. Eikorn Wheat- another spelling variation for Einkorn Wheat, often seen in older texts.
  64. Eightbiter- colloquial term for computers employing 8-bit microprocessors.
  65. Eighther- colloquial, rare usage possibly referring to eight related aspects.
  66. Eigil- Danish personal name.
  67. Eigenmann- surname of several notable people.
  68. Eighteenth- century** – pertaining to the years 1701 to 1800.
  69. Eightsome- a Scottish reel for eight dancers.
  70. Eights Crew- a rowing team where eight rowers are in synchrony.
  71. Eightray- speculative or creative hypothetical term with rare to non-existent standard usage.
  72. Eightling- an extremely rare term which could theoretically denote one of eight offspring.
  73. Eighteen- wheel** – relating to vehicles with eighteen wheels like some large trucks.
  74. Eightsman- a member of an eight-member rowing team.
  75. Eitherway- an alternative way of performing or considering something.
  76. Eighties music- Music popular or originating from the decade of the 1980s.
  77. Eighthly- adverb form of ‘eighth’, used in enumerating points.
  78. Eigthies style- referring to fashion or design from the 1980s.
  79. Eighth grade- the academic year of school following seventh grade.
  80. Eigengrau- the dark grey color seen by the eyes in perfect darkness.
  81. Eightyfold- multiplied by eighty.
  82. Eightman- possibly an alternate form of ‘eightsman’ in rowing terminology.
  83. Eigenspace- the set of all eigenvectors that correspond to the same eigenvalue.
  84. Eightball- a pocket billiards game played with a cue ball and fifteen object balls.
  85. Eighths- plural of eighth; often used in fractions or describing segments.
  86. Eight- spotted** – used in descriptions where eight spots are a distinguishing characteristic.
  87. Eight- liner** – a gaming machine which allows players to bet on lines with symbols.
  88. Eighteenmo- a book size, resulting from sheets being folded to form eighteen leaves.
  89. Eightvo- another term for octavo, a method of page arrangement in book printing.
  90. Eikons- old form or variation of the term icons.
  91. Eilert- a given name of German origin.
  92. Eigenphase- a phase shift experienced by a beam of particles, related to eigenvalues.
  93. Eighties pop culture- aspects of popular culture that were prevalent in the 1980s.
  94. Eight- track** – a magnetic tape sound-recording technology.
  95. Eightscore – one hundred and sixty.
  96. Eisteddfodic- pertaining to or resembling the nature of an eisteddfod.
  97. Eigrp- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol used in computer networks.
  98. Eighteenth Amendment- refers to a U.S. Constitutional amendment involving prohibition.
  99. Eighthsia- creative or speculative usage, nominally in a mathematical or fraction-related context.
  100. Eighth House- the eighth division in astrological houses relating to transformation and sexuality.

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