Words That Start with Es: A Detailed List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “es” to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Escalate- to increase rapidly.
  2. Escape- to break free.
  3. Eschew- to deliberately avoid.
  4. Escort- a person accompanying another.
  5. Estimate- a rough calculation.
  6. Essential- absolutely necessary.
  7. Establish- to set up.
  8. Especially- particularly.
  9. Essay- a short piece of writing.
  10. Estate- property, land, or belongings.
  11. Esoteric- understood by a small, specialized group.
  12. Espionage- spying.
  13. Esplanade- a long, open, level area.
  14. Espresso- a strong coffee.
  15. Esprit- lively intelligence.
  16. Esteem- respect and admiration.
  17. Episcopal- related to a bishop.
  18. Esquire- a title of respect.
  19. Espace- the French word for “space”.
  20. Essayistic- relating to essays.
  21. Espalier- a plant trained to grow flat.
  22. Esperance- hope.
  23. Espionage- act of spying.
  24. Seminary- a school for religious training.
  25. Estimate- an approximate calculation.
  26. Esplanade- a long, open path.
  27. Espouse- to adopt or support.
  28. Esperantist- a speaker of Esperanto.
  29. Estuary- where a river meets the sea.
  30. Escapee- a person who has escaped.
  31. Esoteric- known by few.
  32. Esprit- lively intelligence.
  33. Esthetic- relating to beauty.
  34. Escutcheon- a shield or emblem.
  35. Establishment- an institution.
  36. Espanola- Spanish woman.
  37. Espresso- a coffee type.
  38. Esclavage- slavery.
  39. Espion- a spy.
  40. Espagna- Spain.
  41. Estampa- a print or illustration.
  42. Espana- Spain.
  43. Especium- a type or species.
  44. Escalade- to climb or ascend.
  45. Estimable- worthy of esteem.
  46. Escaped- broke free.
  47. Escheat- reverting property to state.
  48. Especial- exceptional.
  49. Esta- she is (in Spanish).
  50. Essayist- a writer of essays.
  51. Eschewal- the act of avoiding.
  52. Esker- a ridge of sediment.
  53. Estovers- necessary supplies for life.
  54. Esculent- edible.
  55. Escudo- old currency of Spain.
  56. Esplees- the yield of land.
  57. Espaliered- trained flat against a surface.
  58. Estafette- a relay messenger.
  59. Escalator- moving staircase.
  60. Esmolol- a type of beta blocker.
  61. Esne- a manual laborer or serf.
  62. Espadon- a type of sword.
  63. Escreet- a scroll or script.
  64. Esculent- fit to be eaten.
  65. Estop- to preclude or prevent.
  66. Espaliered- trained to grow flat.
  67. Escaper- one who escapes.
  68. Estuary- tidal mouth of a river.
  69. Espadrille- a light canvas shoe.
  70. Escaping- breaking free.
  71. Esthesis- sensation or perception.
  72. Espaeman- a spokesman (archaic).
  73. Esoteric- intended for a small group.
  74. Espionage- spying for information.
  75. Esurient- hungry or greedy.
  76. Escapeism- escaping reality.
  77. Estivated- spending the summer at rest.
  78. Eschewing- avoiding something.
  79. Essentials- basic needs or elements.
  80. Espousal- adoption or support.
  81. Espieglerie- roguishness or playfulness.
  82. Esotericist- one who practices esoteric knowledge.
  83. Escutcheon- a protective or ornamental shield.
  84. Estimate- an approximate judgment or calculation.
  85. Escambia- a county in Florida.
  86. Estamera- esteem or respect.
  87. Espalier- a horticultural technique.
  88. Escallop- a cooking technique.
  89. Esoterica- items of interest to a small group.
  90. Estranged- alienated or separated.
  91. Escapology- art of escape.
  92. Escribe- to write or describe.
  93. Esther- a feminine given name.
  94. Esotericly- in an esoteric manner.
  95. Espamolar- Spanish hammer.
  96. Esnecy- right or privilege (obsolete).
  97. Especie- a biological species.
  98. Esthetes- lovers of beauty.

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