Words That Start With Fo: Examples and Definitions

Looking for a comprehensive list of words that start with “fo”? You’re in the right place!

  1. Foam- a mass of small bubbles formed on or in liquid.
  2. Focus- the center of interest or activity.
  3. Folio- an individual leaf of paper or parchment.
  4. Folly- a lack of good sense; foolishness.
  5. Food- any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink.
  6. Fool- a person who acts unwisely or imprudently.
  7. Found- to establish or create.
  8. Force- strength or energy as an attribute of physical action.
  9. Forth- onward in time or space.
  10. Forum- a place or medium for discussion.
  11. Forge- to make or shape by heating in a fire or furnace.
  12. Forty- the number equivalent to four times ten.
  13. Fork- a tool with two or more prongs used for lifting food.
  14. Formal- following established conventions.
  15. Form- the shape or structure of something.
  16. Fort- a fortified building or military stronghold.
  17. Foment- to instigate or stir up.
  18. Foresight- the ability to predict or plan for the future.
  19. Forget- to fail to remember.
  20. Fossil- the remains or impression of a prehistoric organism.
  21. Foil- prevent (something considered wrong or undesirable) from succeeding.
  22. Foul- offensive to the senses.
  23. Fond- having an affection for.
  24. Foster- to encourage the development of.
  25. Foamboard- a lightweight board made of foam.
  26. Folder- an object used to store papers.
  27. Foremost- most prominent in rank or importance.
  28. Foe- an enemy or opponent.
  29. Foreground- the part of a view that is nearest to the observer.
  30. Formidable- inspiring fear or respect.
  31. Foreskin- a fold of skin covering the tip of the penis.
  32. Fodder- food, especially dried hay or feed, for livestock.
  33. Forehead- the part of the face above the eyebrows.
  34. Forecast- to predict or estimate in advance.
  35. Forearm- the part of the arm between the elbow and the wrist.
  36. Forensic- relating to scientific methods used in investigations.
  37. Forage- to search for food or provisions.
  38. Foreman- a worker who supervises and directs other workers.
  39. Forenoon- the part of the day before noon.
  40. Foretell- to predict the future.
  41. Format- the way in which something is arranged or set out.
  42. Foregone- long past or the result is already decided.
  43. Foundry- a workshop or factory for casting metal.
  44. Formative- serving to form something, especially having a lasting influence.
  45. Forego- to go before; to precede.
  46. Forester- a person in charge of a forest or skilled in planting and taking care of trees.
  47. Forte- a person’s strong suit, or most developed characteristic.
  48. Forbear- to refrain from doing.
  49. Forbid- to refuse to allow.
  50. Forebode- to act as a warning of.
  51. Fossilize- to become or cause to become a fossil.
  52. Foamy- covered with or resembling small bubbles.
  53. Foreclose- to take possession of a property from a mortgagor because of defaults.
  54. Forewarn- to inform someone of a danger or possible problem.
  55. Forgeable- capable of being forged.
  56. Fortify- to provide with defensive works.
  57. Fosterling- a foster child.
  58. Formality- adherence to established rules and procedures.
  59. Foist- to impose an unwelcome or unnecessary thing.
  60. Forlorn- pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely.
  61. Footwear- clothing worn on the feet.
  62. Fountain- an ornamental structure that ejects water.
  63. Forward- directed or moving ahead.
  64. Fowl- a bird of any kind.
  65. Fob- a chain attached to a watch for carrying.
  66. Foreshadow- to indicate or hint at a future event.
  67. Foresail- the lowest sail on the foremast of a square-rigged ship.
  68. Footnote- a note at the bottom of a page.
  69. Foehn- a warm dry wind descending a mountain.
  70. Foppish- concerned with clothing and appearance in an affected and excessive way.
  71. Foothill- a low hill at the base of a mountain.
  72. Footwork- the movement of the feet, especially in sports or dancing.
  73. Formica- a trademarked brand of laminated plastic.
  74. Fosse- a ditch or moat.
  75. Forumulate- to create or devise methodically.
  76. Forelimb- a limb (as an arm, wing, fin, or leg) located at the front of a body.
  77. Fortnight- a period of two weeks.
  78. Forger- a person who produces fraudulent copies or imitations.
  79. Forebear- an ancestor.
  80. Folk- people in general; members of a particular group.
  81. Foresail- the principal sail on a ship’s foremast.
  82. Forecastle- the upper deck of a sailing ship forward of the foremast.
  83. Formaldehyde- a colorless, pungent gas used in solution as a disinfectant.
  84. Foregone- determined in advance; inevitable.
  85. Foliage- plant leaves collectively.
  86. Footage- a length of film made for movies or television.
  87. Foreman- a man, especially a man who oversees and directs workers.
  88. Forwarding- the process of redirecting items to another address.
  89. Foci- plural of focus; central points.
  90. Foreshore- the part of a shore between high- and low-water marks.
  91. Forenamed- previously mentioned.
  92. Fossorial- adapted for digging.
  93. Fortepiano- an early type of piano.
  94. Foramina- openings or holes in bones where blood vessels or nerves pass.
  95. Forensics- scientific tests used in relation to crime detection.
  96. Formwork- temporary or permanent molds into which concrete is poured.
  97. Formless- without a clear or definite shape.
  98. Forcible- done by force.
  99. Formic- relating to or derived from ants.
  100. Forfend- to ward off or avert.

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