Words That Start With For: Lists, Questions, and How-Tos

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “for” to help expand your vocabulary and enhance your language skills.

  1. Forbear- To refrain from an action.
  2. Forbid- To command against.
  3. Force- Strength or power.
  4. Forget- Fail to remember.
  5. Forage- Search for food.
  6. Formal- Following rules or customs.
  7. Forte- A person’s strong point.
  8. Forfeit- To lose as a penalty.
  9. Foray- A sudden attack or incursion.
  10. Forensic- Related to scientific methods in solving crimes.
  11. Foreign- From another country.
  12. Foreman- Supervisor of a group.
  13. Forecast- Predict future events.
  14. Foresee- To predict.
  15. Forever- For all time.
  16. Forlorn- Pitifully sad.
  17. Forfeit- Give up as a result of failure.
  18. Forger- One who falsifies.
  19. Formula- A mathematical relationship.
  20. Fortune- Luck or wealth.
  21. Forensics- Scientific tests.
  22. Forborne- Past tense of forbear.
  23. Forebode- To predict or foretell.
  24. Fortress- A heavily protected building.
  25. Forenoon- The period before noon.
  26. Foresight- Ability to predict.
  27. Forefather- An ancestor.
  28. Forgery- The act of forging.
  29. Forename- A personal name before the family name.
  30. Forum- A meeting place for discussion.
  31. Foreplay- Initial sexual stimulation.
  32. Forerunner- A predecessor.
  33. Formative- Capable of shaping.
  34. Fornicate- Engage in illicit sex.
  35. Formulaic- Following a formula.
  36. Forgetful- Apt to forget.
  37. Forestall- To prevent by taking action.
  38. Forbearance- Patience, restraint.
  39. Foregone- Already decided.
  40. Forcible- Done by force.
  41. Forensics- Scientific tests in legal contexts.
  42. Formatting- Arranging data into a particular structure.
  43. Foreword- An introductory section in a book.
  44. Foray- A sudden invasion or attack.
  45. Formless- Lacking shape.
  46. Forensics- Related to criminal investigations.
  47. Forevermore- For eternity.
  48. Formalize- To give a definite structure.
  49. Forsake- To abandon.
  50. Forewarn- To inform beforehand of a danger.
  51. Förder- A promoter or supporter.
  52. Formative- Relating to growth or development.
  53. Forsaken- Abandoned, deserted.
  54. Forebear- Ancestor.
  55. Fortitude- Courage in pain or adversity.
  56. Forgo- To give up.
  57. Forepaw- The front paw of a four-legged animal.
  58. Foreshadow- To give a hint of what’s to come.
  59. Forested- Covered with trees.
  60. Forenamed- Named before.
  61. Forbearer- An ancestor or forefather.
  62. Foresightful- Having foresight.
  63. Forma- Shape or form.
  64. Formic- Relating to ants.
  65. Forcible- Using force.
  66. Foresworn- Sworn falsely.
  67. Fordable- Able to be crossed by wading.
  68. Foreignness- Quality of being from another country.
  69. Formative- Serving to form something.
  70. Forgivable- Able to be forgiven.
  71. Forgetfulness- Tendency to forget.
  72. Forecastle- The forward part of a ship.
  73. Foramina- Openings or holes, particularly in bones.
  74. Fortification- A defensive wall.
  75. Foreground- The part of a view nearest to the observer.
  76. Foregather- To gather together.
  77. Forthcoming- About to happen.
  78. Forbearing- Patient and restrained.
  79. Formulation- The action of creating something.
  80. Foreran- Ran beforehand.
  81. Formative- Capable of forming.
  82. Forerun- To precede.
  83. Forensics- Use of science in legal contexts.
  84. Format- Arrangement of data.
  85. Foreignism- A foreign phrase adopted into a language.
  86. Forcibly- Using physical force.
  87. Forster- Promote the growth.
  88. Forward- Directed toward the front.
  89. Forager- Someone who searches for food.
  90. Forby- By, near.
  91. Forcibly- Done with power.
  92. Fortnightly- Occurring every two weeks.
  93. Forevermore- Continually.
  94. Forklift- A vehicle used for lifting heavy items.
  95. Forasmuch- Since, because.
  96. Foreordain- To predetermine.
  97. Forfeiture- The action of forfeiting.
  98. Foraminous- Full of holes.
  99. Foray- A brief excursion.
  100. Formation- The action of forming something.

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