Words That Start With Fore: Examples and Meanings

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that start with “fore,” enriching your vocabulary and enhancing your writing.

  1. Forearm- The part of the arm between the elbow and the wrist.
  2. Foresee- To predict or anticipate.
  3. Forefront- The leading or most important position or place.
  4. Foretell- To predict the future.
  5. Forerunner- A precursor or predecessor.
  6. Foreground- The part of a scene nearest to the viewer.
  7. Forefather- An ancestor, especially one who is a male.
  8. Foreboding- A strong feeling that something bad is about to happen.
  9. Forego- To do without, to relinquish.
  10. Foregone- Predetermined, inevitable.
  11. Forewarning- Advance notice of danger.
  12. Foreman- The leader of a work crew.
  13. Forefinger- The index finger.
  14. Forebear- An ancestor.
  15. Forensic- Relating to scientific methods in crime investigation.
  16. Forehead- The part of the face above the eyebrows.
  17. Forecastle- The forward part of a ship under the deck.
  18. Foreclosure- The process of repossessing a property due to unpaid debts.
  19. Forebode- To predict or foretell something bad.
  20. Foremost- Most important or primary.
  21. Foreshadow- To indicate or suggest beforehand.
  22. Forswear- To renounce or repudiate under oath.
  23. Foremast- The mast nearest the bow of a ship.
  24. Foregone- Having already been decided or determined.
  25. Foreknowledge- Awareness of something before it happens.
  26. Forefront- Leading position or edge.
  27. Foreleg- The front leg of an animal.
  28. Forelock- A lock of hair growing just above the forehead.
  29. Foretop- The top part of the forward section of a ship.
  30. Foreclose- To take possession of a property due to default on payments.
  31. Forelay- To ambush or waylay.
  32. Forerun- To precede or come before.
  33. Foretime- Former or earlier times.
  34. Foredoom- To determine the fate of something in advance.
  35. Forepaw- The front paw of an animal.
  36. Forelady- A female supervisor of workers.
  37. Forejudge- To judge beforehand without adequate evidence.
  38. Foreground- The area of a scene or picture nearest the viewer.
  39. Forenamed- Mentioned or named earlier.
  40. Foreclose- To shut out or prevent.
  41. Foretoken- A sign or warning of something to come.
  42. Fortify- To strengthen or protect.
  43. Forbearing- Patient and restrained.
  44. Forereach- To anticipate or outdo.
  45. Foreordain- To appoint or declare beforehand.
  46. Forewing- The anterior wing of an insect.
  47. Forethought- Careful consideration of what will be necessary or may happen in the future.
  48. Forefoot- The front foot of an animal.
  49. Forewoman- A female supervisory worker.
  50. Foreland- A promontory or headland.
  51. Forewarn- To inform someone of a danger or possible problem.
  52. Forecastle- The forward part of a ship where the crew is housed.
  53. Forerun- To happen before something else.
  54. Fore- advise – To advise or counsel in advance.
  55. Foresteal- To act in advance of someone else.
  56. Foresail- The sail nearest the bow of a ship.
  57. Forecourt- A courtyard in front of a building.
  58. Foreordination- The doctrine that all events have been willed by God.
  59. Forebeer- Get in before others.
  60. Foredesire- To desire in advance.
  61. Foreigner- A person from another country.
  62. Foreplan- To plan in advance.
  63. Foretrust- To trust beforehand.
  64. Foreplane- A tool used for smoothing wood.
  65. Fore- state – To state beforehand.
  66. Forehunt- To hunt before and in preparation.
  67. Foreunderstand- To understand beforehand.
  68. Fore- choose – To choose beforehand.
  69. Foreneze- An early term for sneezing.
  70. Fore- hoe – To hoe in advance.
  71. Forecaught- Caught ahead of time.
  72. Fore- effort – An effort made beforehand.
  73. Fore- decide – To decide in advance.
  74. Fore- discern – To discern beforehand.
  75. Forelease- To lease in advance.
  76. Forehouse- The front part of a house.
  77. Fore- avouch – To avouch or affirm beforehand.
  78. Fore- instruct – To instruct in advance.
  79. Fore- feel – To have a feeling about something beforehand.
  80. Foredelegation- Delegation done in advance.
  81. Foreconsult- To consult beforehand.
  82. Foredesign- Design done in advance.
  83. Foremention- Mention thought of earlier.
  84. Foreseek- To seek something in advance.
  85. Fore- appoint – To appoint before or in advance.
  86. Fore- handling – Handling done beforehand.
  87. Foreframe- Frame put in before others.
  88. Forestructure- Structure made in advance.
  89. Foretone- A tone used to predict something.
  90. Fore- sign – A sign that comes beforehand.
  91. Fore- number – To number before others.
  92. Foremodel- A model created beforehand.
  93. Foretrace- To trace something in advance.
  94. Foreroll- To roll before others.
  95. Forelist- To list beforehand.
  96. Forepoint- The point that comes before others.
  97. Forefix- To fix in advance.
  98. Foremanage- To manage ahead of time.
  99. Fore- inspire – To inspire beforehand.
  100. Fore- touch – To touch in advance.

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