Words That Start With Fu: Top Examples and Definitions

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “fu” to help expand your vocabulary and assist with your language needs.

  1. Fuel- A material used to produce energy.
  2. Fury- Intense, uncontrolled anger.
  3. Fumble- To handle or search for clumsily.
  4. Future- The time or period that will come after the present.
  5. Fulfill- To complete or satisfy a requirement.
  6. Fungal- Relating to or caused by fungi.
  7. Furlong- A measure of distance, roughly 1/8th of a mile.
  8. Furnace- An enclosed structure for high-temperature heating.
  9. Furlough- A leave of absence, especially for soldiers or prisoners.
  10. Fungi- A kingdom of organisms including mushrooms and molds.
  11. Furor- A public outburst of enthusiasm or excitement.
  12. Fusion- The process of combining two or more entities into one.
  13. Furnish- To supply with furniture or equipment.
  14. Furtive- Attempting to avoid notice or attention; secretive.
  15. Fuselage- The main body of an aircraft.
  16. Fuzzy- Lacking in clarity or sharpness.
  17. Funnel- A tube or pipe used to guide liquid or powder.
  18. Fume- Gas or vapor with a strong smell or is dangerous to inhale.
  19. Functional- Designed to be practical and useful.
  20. Fungi- Plural of fungus.
  21. Fulcrum- The support about which a lever pivots.
  22. Fundamental- Basic or essential principle.
  23. Fuse- A safety device that interrupts the flow of electricity.
  24. Furl- To roll or fold up neatly and securely.
  25. Fusillade- A series of shots fired in quick succession.
  26. Fusty- Old-fashioned in style or attitude.
  27. Fungal- Of or caused by a fungus.
  28. Fugitive- A person who has escaped from captivity or is in hiding.
  29. Funicular- Pertaining to a cable railway.
  30. Furrow- A long, narrow trench made in the ground.
  31. Funk- A strong, offensive smell; a depressed or anxious state.
  32. Fusee- A large, red flare used to signal.
  33. Fuster- To confuse; to fraudulently mislead.
  34. Fuchsia- A color: dark pinkish-red.
  35. Fulsome- Excessively flattering or ingratiating.
  36. Fulminate- To express vehement protest.
  37. Fusiform- Spindle-shaped; tapering at both ends.
  38. Fur- The soft, thick hair covering an animal.
  39. Further- To advance or promote (a cause).
  40. Fusebox- An electrical panel housing fuses.
  41. Fustigate- To criticize severely; to beat with a club.
  42. Fumigate- To disinfect or purify with smoke or vapor.
  43. Funfair- A traveling entertainment with rides and games.
  44. Funky- Having a strong or offensive smell; stylish.
  45. Fustian- Pompous or pretentious speech or writing.
  46. Fulvous- Dull yellow; tawny.
  47. Fungicide- A substance used to kill fungi.
  48. Fumesh- Vapor or smoke, often harmful.
  49. Fuzz- Soft, fluffy hair or fiber.
  50. Fuliginous- Sooty; dusky.
  51. Fulminant- Sudden and severe (usually referring to disease).
  52. Funnelcake- A deep-fried, sweet dough.
  53. Furfur- Dandruff; flaky skin.
  54. Functor- In mathematics, a specific type of function.
  55. Fulcrate- Having supports or props.
  56. Fundi- Informal term for someone with extensive knowledge or skill.
  57. Fug- A warm, stuffy atmosphere.
  58. Furrier- A person who prepares or deals in furs.
  59. Fumarole- An opening near a volcano emitting gases.
  60. Full- Containing as much as possible.
  61. Furbish- To polish or renovate.
  62. Furcate- Forked; branched.
  63. Fount- A source or originating point.
  64. Fuggy- Poorly ventilated; stuffy.
  65. Fullback- A position in football; a player who blocks and runs.
  66. Fumitory- A climbing plant of the poppy family.
  67. Fusewire- Wire in an electric fuse.
  68. Futz- To waste time; to fiddle or fidget.
  69. Fucoid- Resembling or relating to brown algae.
  70. Fuzzball- A small, fluffy ball; an affectionate term.
  71. Fundus- The base or bottom of an organ (anatomy).
  72. Fusel- A term for by-products of alcohol fermentation.
  73. Futurology- The study of future possibilities based on current trends.
  74. Fulgor- Brightness; brilliant light.
  75. Fugleman- A leader or model in a movement or cause.
  76. Fulltime- Engaged with sufficient time; usually related to employment.
  77. Fumblingly- In a clumsy manner.
  78. Furbelowed- Decorated with frills or ornamentation.
  79. Funambulism- Tightrope walking.
  80. Fugacity- Escaping power; a measure of a fluid’s likelihood to escape.
  81. Fulmar- A seabird of the petrel family.
  82. Furciferous- Bearing or having forks or branches.
  83. Fulvid- Yellowish-brown in color.
  84. Fumacious- Addicted to smoking.
  85. Fumiduct- A pipe or tube for conveying smoke or gas.
  86. Furuncle- A boil or abscess of the skin.
  87. Fumitory- A plant genus in the poppy family.
  88. Fuzzify- To make fuzzy or unclear.
  89. Fundraise- To collect funds for a cause.
  90. Fulminous- Flashing with intense light.
  91. Furcated- Divided into branches; forked.
  92. Fungosity- The condition or quality of being fungous.
  93. Fuss- Unnecessary or excessive activity or worry.
  94. Futile- Incapable of producing any useful result.
  95. Furunculosis- Recurrent boils or abscesses.
  96. Funereal- Having the mournful, solemn character of a funeral.
  97. Fusain- Charcoal; a form of carbon.
  98. Fumacious- Relating to smoke.
  99. Fulcrated- Supported or acting as a fulcrum.
  100. Fuctionary- Performing a function.

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