Words That Start With GH: Uncover Unique English Vocabulary

Discover a variety of words that start with the letters “gh” and their meanings in this comprehensive guide.

  1. Ghastly- Extremely unpleasant or horrifying.
  2. Ghoul- A mythical evil being that robs graves and consumes corpses.
  3. Gherkin- A small pickled cucumber.
  4. Ghee- Clarified butter used in Indian cooking.
  5. Ghetto- A part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group.
  6. Ghazal- A form of amatory poem or ode, originating in Arabic poetry.
  7. Ghastliness- The quality of being frightful or horrific.
  8. Ghastlier- Comparative for ghastly; more unpleasant or horrifying.
  9. Ghastliest- Superlative for ghastly; most unpleasant or horrifying.
  10. Ghost- An apparition of a dead person.
  11. Ghostly- Resembling or characteristic of a ghost.
  12. Ghostwrite- To write (a book or article, etc.) for another who is the presumed author.
  13. Ghostwriter- A person who writes for another and gives the authorship credit to the other person.
  14. Ghostwritten- Written by a person who is not the credited author.
  15. Ghostwriting- The act of writing for another under the presumed authorship of another person.
  16. Ghibli- A hot, dust-bearing wind of the deserts of Libya.
  17. Ghoulie- A variant spelling of ghoul.
  18. Ghastful- Full of dread or fright; appalling.
  19. Gherao- (In India) a form of protest by workers, where employers are prevented from leaving their place of work until demands are met.
  20. Gharry- A horse-drawn cab or a small cart found in Egypt and India.
  21. Ghazals- Plural of ghazal; lyrical poems.
  22. Ghettoed- Being isolated or segregated in or to a ghetto.
  23. Ghettoize- To put into or set up as a ghetto.
  24. Ghettoization- The process of making something like a ghetto.
  25. Ghettoizes- Third person singular present tense of ghettoize.
  26. Ghettoizing- Present participle of ghettoize.
  27. Ghillie- A shoe with laces over the instep, commonly used in Scottish dancing.
  28. Ghillies- Plural form of ghillie.
  29. Ghostier- Comparative of ghostly; more ghost-like.
  30. Ghostiest- Superlative of ghostly; most ghost-like.
  31. Ghosttown- A deserted town with few or no remaining inhabitants.
  32. Ghosts- Plural of ghost; multiple apparitions.
  33. Ghost town- Often deserted locality formerly active.
  34. Ghost towns- Plural of ghost town; several deserted locations.
  35. Ghast- An archaic or regional variant of ghost.
  36. Gheeze- A mistake; incorrect information (obsolete use).
  37. GHQ- Abbreviation for General Headquarters.
  38. Ghaznavid- Pertaining to a dynasty of Persian origin that once controlled parts of Iran, Central Asia, and northern India.
  39. Ghyll- A narrow mountain stream or ravine.
  40. Ghaznavids- Members or pertaining to the Ghaznavid dynasty.
  41. Ghoulish- Morbidly interested in death or disaster.
  42. Ghoulishly- In a manner that shows a morbid interest in death or disaster.
  43. Ghoulishness- The quality of being ghoulish.
  44. Ghipsura- Variant of gypsura; sulfur.
  45. Ghuznee- Another name for Ghazni, a city in central Afghanistan.
  46. Ghutrah- A traditional Middle Eastern headdress, typically a square of cloth.
  47. Gharrywallah- A driver of a gharry.
  48. Ghat- A flight of steps leading down to a river in India, used particularly by bathers.
  49. Ghats- Plural of ghat; multiple flights of steps.
  50. Ghettoism- The state or quality associated with being confined to a ghetto.

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