Words That Start With Gi: List and Examples

Discover an extensive list of words that start with “gi” to enhance your vocabulary and writing skills.

  1. Gift- A present or something given.
  2. Giggle- A light, silly laugh.
  3. Giraffe- A tall African mammal with a very long neck.
  4. Ginger- A root used as a spice.
  5. Gist- The main point or essence.
  6. Giddy- Feeling extremely excited or joyful.
  7. Giant- An exceptionally large person or thing.
  8. Gird- To encircle or prepare oneself.
  9. Gingham- A lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth.
  10. Gibber- To speak rapidly and incoherently.
  11. Gills- The respiratory organ of fish and some amphibians.
  12. Gimp- A narrow braid used as trimming.
  13. Gizzard- A muscular part of a bird’s stomach for grinding food.
  14. Gist- The substance or essence of a speech or text.
  15. Girth- The measurement around the middle of something.
  16. Gimmick- A trick or device intended to attract attention.
  17. Gibe- An insulting or mocking remark.
  18. Gingko- A type of tree known for its fan-shaped leaves.
  19. Gild- To cover with a thin layer of gold.
  20. Gibbous- Describing the moon when more than half but not fully illuminated.
  21. Ginseng- A plant tuber used medicinally.
  22. Gimbal- A pivoted support allowing rotation of an object.
  23. Gist- Central theme or idea.
  24. Giraffe- Tall mammal with a very long neck.
  25. Girdle- A belt or band worn around the waist.
  26. Gibe- A taunting remark.
  27. Gigabyte- A unit of digital information storage.
  28. Giggly- Prone to giggling.
  29. Giblets- Edible internal organs of poultry.
  30. Gimlet- A small tool for boring holes.
  31. Giraffe- Large African mammal.
  32. Gilded- Covered with gold.
  33. Gingivitis- Inflammation of the gums.
  34. Gilgamesh- Legendary Sumerian king.
  35. Gist- Main point.
  36. Gibson- A type of cocktail.
  37. Gigantic- Very large.
  38. Giddy- Light-hearted.
  39. Gimp- Difficult or laborious walk.
  40. Gingerbread- A type of cake or cookie.
  41. Gingham- Checked pattern fabric.
  42. Gimcrack- Showy but poorly made.
  43. Gimmickry- Involving gimmicks.
  44. Girder- A large beam.
  45. Giraffine- Resembling a giraffe.
  46. Giggler- One who giggles.
  47. Gibbous- Moon phase.
  48. Girly- Characteristic of girls.
  49. Giraffical- Relating to a giraffe.
  50. Gifted- Having talent.
  51. Gingerness- State of being ginger.
  52. Gibberish- Unintelligible speech.
  53. Gilthead- A type of fish.
  54. Gingery- Having the flavor of ginger.
  55. Gigawatt- A unit of power.
  56. Gizzards- Digestive organ in birds.
  57. Gimped- Walked with a limp.
  58. Gimpy- Limping.
  59. Ghibli- North African wind.
  60. Gingersnap- Crispy ginger cookie.
  61. Gingko- Ginkgo biloba tree.
  62. Gibbosity- Swelling or bulge.
  63. Girdled- Encircled.
  64. Ginkgoes- Plural of ginkgo.
  65. Gidgee- An Australian Acacia tree.
  66. Gibbing- Process of shaping metal.
  67. Gigglet- A light, silly laugh.
  68. Gigging- Hunting fish or frogs with a gig.
  69. Gimlet- eyed – Sharp-sighted.
  70. Girandole- A rotating device.
  71. Giantry- State of being giant.
  72. Gimlet- A small sharp tool.
  73. Gibbose- Rounded or humpbacked.
  74. Giddier- More giddy.
  75. Giftless- Lacking talent.
  76. Gigolo- A man paid by women to be their lover.
  77. Girding- Encircling.
  78. Gibbeting- Hanging on a gibbet.
  79. Gimbals- Mechanisms for stability.
  80. Gironde- A river in France.
  81. Gibbetted- Hanged on a gibbet.
  82. Gilsonite- A natural asphalt.
  83. Gingival- Related to gums.
  84. Gibeing- Making mocking remarks.
  85. Girasole- A type of sunflower.
  86. Gigantism- Abnormal growth.
  87. Giddyup- A command to move a horse.
  88. Gimcracks- Cheap, showy objects.
  89. Gigaohm- Unit of electrical resistance.
  90. Gimleting- Drilling with a gimlet.
  91. Gimleted- Drilled or bored with a gimlet.
  92. Gibbosity- Protruding part.
  93. Giggliest- Most giggly.
  94. Gibbeting- Executing by hanging on a gibbet.
  95. Ginalogist- Genealogist in a slang form.
  96. Gillyflower- A fragrant flower.
  97. Gimel- Third letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  98. Gimbalry- System of gimbals.
  99. Giftwrap- Decorative paper for wrapping gifts.

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