Words That Start with Gl: A Quick List

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of words that start with “gl,” this article will provide you with a rich selection to expand your vocabulary.

  1. Glacial- Pertaining to glaciers or ice
  2. Glare- A bright, dazzling light
  3. Gland- An organ that secretes substances
  4. Glance- A quick look
  5. Glare- A bright, harsh light
  6. Glaze- A shiny coating
  7. Gleam- A brief or faint light
  8. Gleeful- Full of joy
  9. Glide- To move smoothly and effortlessly
  10. Glimpse- A brief, incomplete view
  11. Glitter- To shine with a bright, shimmering light
  12. Gloat- To take pleasure in one’s own success or another’s misfortune
  13. Globe- A spherical model of Earth
  14. Gloom- Partial or total darkness
  15. Gloss- A shiny surface or appearance
  16. Glossary- An alphabetical list of words with definitions
  17. Glorious- Having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration
  18. Glow- A steady light from something
  19. Glut- An excess of something
  20. Gluteus- The muscles of the buttocks
  21. Glyph- A symbolic character or figure
  22. Glower- To look at with anger or disapproval
  23. Glucose- A simple sugar that is an important energy source
  24. Gluten- A mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains
  25. Glum- Looking or feeling dejected; gloomy
  26. Glutton- An excessively greedy eater
  27. Glisten- To shine with a sparkling light
  28. Glacially- In a very slow or cold manner
  29. Glockenspiel- A musical instrument with tuned metal bars
  30. Globular- Having the shape of a small sphere or ball
  31. Global- Relating to the whole world
  32. Glottis- The part of the larynx consisting of the vocal cords
  33. Glimmer- A faint or unsteady light
  34. Glisten- Shine with a sparkling light
  35. Glidepath- The descent path for aircraft landing
  36. Glowworm- A type of beetle that emits light
  37. Glucose- A simple sugar; an important energy source
  38. Gloaming- Twilight; dusk
  39. Glob- A rounded mass, often of a liquid or thick substance
  40. Glanceable- Easy to read or understand at a quick look
  41. Glassware- Articles made from glass
  42. Gladiator- A combatant in ancient Roman games
  43. Glottal- Relating to the glottis
  44. Globally- Over the whole world
  45. Glider- An aircraft that flies without an engine
  46. Glaucous- A greyish-blue or green color
  47. Glutinous- Sticky or gluey
  48. Glister- To shine brilliantly; glitter
  49. Gladsome- Full of gladness; cheerful
  50. Glamour- An attractive or exciting quality
  51. Glaucous- A dull grayish-green or blue color
  52. Glucagon- A hormone that raises blood glucose levels
  53. Gladden- To make glad
  54. Glacialist- A specialist in glacial phenomena
  55. Glucocorticoid- A steroid hormone
  56. Glomerulus- A cluster of nerve endings or blood vessels
  57. Glitch- A sudden, temporary malfunction
  58. Gloatful- Being boastfully happy
  59. Glamorous- Having glamour; alluring
  60. Glacially- Relating to glaciers
  61. Glidder- A type of worm
  62. Glabrate- Becoming hairless
  63. Gleesome- Cheerful; merry
  64. Glycogen- The stored form of glucose in animals
  65. Glidebomb- A bomb dropped from an aircraft
  66. Glaciology- The study of glaciers
  67. Glumly- In a sullen or gloomy manner
  68. Glideway- The path an aircraft follows while gliding
  69. Gluttony- Excessive eating or drinking
  70. Glyphic- Related to glyphs
  71. Glassful- The amount a glass can hold
  72. Glace- Ice or iced
  73. Glogg- A Scandinavian spiced wine drink
  74. Gliderol- A type of control surface on gliders
  75. Gloves- Coverings for the hands
  76. Glamorize- To make glamorous
  77. Glebe- An area of land belonging to the church
  78. Glaucoma- An eye condition causing blindness
  79. Glycolysis- The breakdown of glucose by enzymes
  80. Globalism- The operation or planning of economic and foreign policy on a global basis
  81. Gleaner- A person who gathers leftover grains after the harvest
  82. Glomus- A small body with a circulatory or nervous function
  83. Glorify- To praise or honor
  84. Glacial trough- A valley shaped by glacial erosion
  85. Gluon- A subatomic particle responsible for the force between quarks
  86. Glossitis- Inflammation of the tongue
  87. Globular cluster- A spherical collection of stars
  88. Glycemic- Relating to or affecting blood sugar levels
  89. Glottal stop- A consonant produced by obstructing airflow in the vocal tract
  90. Glow plug- A device to aid in starting diesel engines
  91. Glideling- A young or immature glider
  92. Glep- To look or peer
  93. Glossal- Relating to the tongue
  94. Gloater- Someone who gloats
  95. Glume- A bract (leaf-like structure) in grasses
  96. Glaring- Extremely obvious or conspicuous
  97. Glistering- Glittering; sparkling
  98. Glissade- A gliding step in ballet
  99. Gluteal- Pertaining to the buttock muscles

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