Words That Start with Gn: List and Examples

This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of words that start with “gn.

  1. Gnat- A small, two-winged fly that bites humans and animals.
  2. Gnome- A small, humanoid creature from folklore, typically living underground.
  3. Gnarly- Having a rugged, weather-beaten appearance; difficult or bad.
  4. Gnash- To grind or strike (the teeth) together.
  5. Gnu- A large African antelope with a head like an ox.
  6. Gnashers- Informal term for teeth.
  7. Gnomic- Expressed in or of the nature of short, pithy maxims or aphorisms.
  8. Gnostic- Relating to knowledge, especially esoteric mystical knowledge.
  9. Gnaw- To bite or chew persistently.
  10. Gnawer- An animal that gnaws, like a rodent.
  11. Gnashingly- In a manner of grinding the teeth together.
  12. Gnosis- Knowledge of spiritual mysteries.
  13. Gnotobiotic- Of an environment for rearing organisms in which all microorganisms are either known or excluded.

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