Words That Start With Gu: List and Definitions

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of words that start with “gu” to enrich your vocabulary and enhance your language skills.

  1. Guard- To protect or watch over.
  2. Guess- To form an opinion without sufficient information.
  3. Guide- To show the way or lead.
  4. Guilt- A feeling of having done wrong or failed.
  5. Guitar- A stringed musical instrument.
  6. Gush- To flow out in a large quantity.
  7. Gust- A strong, brief burst of wind.
  8. Gummy- Sticky or adhesive.
  9. Guest- A visitor or someone who is invited.
  10. Gulf- A large sea inlet.
  11. Guzzle- To drink greedily or excessively.
  12. Guy- A man or boy.
  13. Guru- A spiritual teacher or guide in Hinduism.
  14. Gutter- A channel for carrying off rainwater.
  15. Gum- Soft tissue surrounding the teeth.
  16. Guile- Sly or cunning intelligence.
  17. Gusty- Characterized by strong winds.
  18. Guppy- A small freshwater fish.
  19. Gumption- Initiative or resourcefulness.
  20. Gurgle- To make a bubbling sound.
  21. Guano- Fertilizer containing excrement from seabirds.
  22. Gurney- A wheeled stretcher used in hospitals.
  23. Gulch- A narrow and steep-sided ravine.
  24. Gurn- To make a grotesque or funny face.
  25. Guava- A tropical fruit with pink flesh.
  26. Guillotine- A device for beheading.
  27. Gulag- A system of labor camps in the former Soviet Union.
  28. Gull- A type of seabird.
  29. Guilder- Former currency of the Netherlands.
  30. Guillotine- A device for beheading during the French Revolution.
  31. Gular- Relating to the throat or gullet.
  32. Guise- An external form or appearance.
  33. Guppy- A small tropical freshwater fish.
  34. Gullible- Easily deceived or tricked.
  35. Guerrilla- A member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting.
  36. Gustation- The act of tasting.
  37. Guelder- A type of shrub or tree.
  38. Gumshoe- A detective.
  39. Guipure- A type of lace.
  40. Gules- The heraldic color red.
  41. Guanaco- A South American mammal related to the llama.
  42. Gula- Gluttony.
  43. Gratuitous- Uncalled for or lacking good reason.
  44. Guacharo- A nocturnal bird native to Central and South America.
  45. Guachapori- A Peruvian festive bread.
  46. Guasa- Humor or fun in Spanish-speaking cultures.
  47. Guldir- Money or currency in some cultures.
  48. Gudgeon- A small freshwater fish.
  49. Guaiacum- A type of tree or its resin.
  50. Gueux- A term for beggars in French.
  51. GuachipelĂ­n- A type of tree found in Central America.
  52. GuamĂșchil- A tropical tree with edible fruit.
  53. Gurgitation- Rapid or forceful flowing.
  54. Guacamole- A mashed avocado dip.
  55. Guyliner- Eyeliner worn by men.
  56. Guggle- To gargle or make a bubbling sound.
  57. Guardrail- A barrier preventing vehicles from going off the road.
  58. Guangzhou- A city in southern China.
  59. Gubernatorial- Relating to a governor.
  60. Guavalina- A hybrid fruit of guava and catalina.
  61. Gulab- Rose in Persian and Arabic.
  62. Gurkha- A member of a Nepalese ethnic group renowned for their military prowess.
  63. Gurnsey- A breed of dairy cattle.
  64. Gusty- Full of or characterized by strong winds.
  65. Gulpy- Characterized by rapid or eager swallowing.
  66. Guider- One that shows the way or directs.
  67. Gutty- Full of courage or determination.
  68. Gurz- A type of traditional mace weapon.
  69. Guyline- A rope used to secure a tent or other structure.
  70. Gusset- A piece of material sewn into a garment to strengthen or enlarge it.
  71. Gurnard- A type of fish with a bony head and spiny fins.
  72. Gulfweed- A floating seaweed found in the Sargasso Sea.
  73. Gurgitation- Violent, noisy belching or bubbling.
  74. Gunwale- The upper edge of a boat’s side.
  75. Gusset- A material insertion in a seam to provide expansion or reinforcement.

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