Words That Start With Hi: List and Meaning

Discover a comprehensive list of words that start with “hi” to enhance your vocabulary and language skills.

  1. Hiatus- a break or gap in continuity.
  2. Hickory- a type of tree with hard wood.
  3. Hidden- kept out of sight, concealed.
  4. Hideous- extremely ugly or unpleasant.
  5. Hierarchy- a system where people or things are ranked.
  6. High- above average in height.
  7. Highlight- to emphasize or make stand out.
  8. Hijack- to unlawfully seize control.
  9. Hilarity- extreme amusement.
  10. Hill- a naturally raised area of land.
  11. Hillock- a small hill.
  12. Hinge- a movable joint.
  13. Hint- a slight or indirect indication.
  14. Hippie- a person of unconventional appearance.
  15. Hire- to employ for wages.
  16. His- belonging to him.
  17. Hiss- a sharp sibilant sound.
  18. Histrionic- overly theatrical or dramatic.
  19. Historic- famous or important in history.
  20. History- the study of past events.
  21. Hive- a colony of bees.
  22. Hi- fi – high fidelity sound reproduction.
  23. Highway- a major road.
  24. Hip- the projecting bone of the pelvis.
  25. Hipster- a trendy, young person.
  26. Hiccough- an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm.
  27. Hide- to put or keep out of sight.
  28. Hijab- a head covering worn by some Muslim women.
  29. Hinder- to create difficulties.
  30. Hinge- a flexible device that allows pivoting.
  31. Hint- a small piece of information.
  32. Hippodrome- a stadium for horse racing.
  33. Hiking- walking in nature.
  34. Highborn- of noble birth.
  35. Highbrow- intellectual or rarefied in taste.
  36. Highlight- the most important part.
  37. Highland- an elevated region.
  38. Hind- situated at the back.
  39. Hinterland- remote or less developed areas.
  40. Hispid- bristly or covered with stiff hair.
  41. Hirsute- hairy.
  42. Histology- the study of tissues.
  43. Histamine- a compound involved in local immune responses.
  44. Histogram- a bar graph depicting frequency.
  45. Hilarity- humorousness.
  46. Highness- the state of being high.
  47. Hitch- a problem or delay.
  48. Hitherto- until now.
  49. Hives- an allergic skin condition.
  50. Highlighter- a felt-tip pen used to emphasize text.
  51. Hinter- someone or something that hints.
  52. Hippo- short for hippopotamus.
  53. Himalaya- a mountain range in Asia.
  54. Hijinks- boisterous or mischievous activities.
  55. Hives- itchy welts on the skin.
  56. Historicity- historical authenticity.
  57. Hisser- one who hisses.
  58. Hipcuous- common, ordinary.
  59. Hic- an involuntary sound made after drinking.
  60. Hibernal- pertaining to winter.
  61. Hibernating- spending the winter in a dormant state.
  62. Hibernate- to spend winter in a dormant condition.
  63. Hindered- to be obstructed or impeded.
  64. Hitherside- on or towards this side.
  65. Hibernaculum- a shelter occupied during the winter by a dormant animal.
  66. Hisself- nonstandard form of himself.
  67. Highfalutin- pompous or pretentious.
  68. Histogen- tissue formed during embryonic development.
  69. Histidine- an amino acid.
  70. Histoplasmosis- a fungal infection.
  71. Histone- a protein in the chromatin.
  72. Historiography- the writing of history.
  73. Histrionics- exaggerated dramatic behavior.
  74. Hireling- a person hired to do menial work.
  75. Highball- a cocktail served with soda.
  76. Hindbrain- lower part of the brainstem.
  77. Hithermost- nearest on this side.
  78. High- grade – of superior quality.
  79. High- speed – operating at high velocity.
  80. High- tech – involving advanced technology.
  81. Hybrid- something made from combining different elements.
  82. Highwayman- a robber who stole from travelers on the roads.
  83. High- strung – very nervous or sensitive.
  84. Hintersea- the sea area behind the coast.
  85. Hibiscus- a flowering plant.
  86. Hi- fi – short for high fidelity.
  87. Hightail- to move or travel quickly.
  88. Hiccough- another term for hiccup.
  89. High- handed – using power or authority without considering others.
  90. Hire- purchase – an installment plan for buying goods.
  91. Hitchhike- to travel by getting free rides.
  92. Hippocratic- relating to Hippocrates, the father of medicine.
  93. Hibernal- relating to winter.
  94. Hirsuteness- the quality of being hairy.
  95. Histogenesis- the formation and development of tissues.
  96. Heliport- a landing place for helicopters.
  97. High- rise – a tall building.
  98. Highwater- A condition of unusually high water in a river or lake.
  99. Hintercity- the urban hinterlands or the outskirts of a city.

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